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I don't have much air left bk to breath ...without u i cant breath
I miss u more than life itself
Despite I have all this plan for when I find u idk what I will actually do the day I find u ...please show up
You gatta live while you are dying
As you live you learn
Forgive but don't forget
I'm the best now every1 with money should invest now
Some mothers don't deserve to be parents
A my life me do wah me like
When jesus say yes nobody can say no
Don't want nun unless u got bun on it
Oh how I miss u so much ...I have been searching for months can't wait to find u
What if at the point u r just living a preview of your life and when u die that's when u start living
Stop staring take a picture bitch
Don't judge me by my past ,don't b upset when I choose to keep u there

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About MissShimmer

I am passionate about: sunny days, music, movies, make up, Japan, food, crafting, hollidays, internet, shopping, my love, my cats, the 1920's to 1950's.

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