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Americans are ditching giant restaurant chains https://t.co/QgHU2Udz0J via .@themoneygame Our report explains WHY: https://t.co/qf8mBSO7gv
RT @tombassett: Travel Micro-Moments Guide: How to Be There and Be Useful for Travelers @ThinkwithGoogle https://t.co/53uFIXoCij @mindswarms
RT @tombassett: Find out how @google uses @mindswarms to learn more about travel micro moments https://t.co/erS75hk0Sa
.@ThinkwithGoogle reveals trends in let's-book-it travel moments. Thrilled we got to partner with them. https://t.co/Cv1qhkfHsf #mrx #newmr
People want A.I. to fix their flaws. https://t.co/qM9JWKhmWg What do you want A.I. to fix? @mindswarms #mrx #newmr
RT @tombassett: As Online Video Surges, Publishers Turn to Automation https://t.co/XHtImJTSBQ @mindswarms
Preach! https://t.co/SNaTvq8KW3
Excited we could be a part of this Think With Google campaign! https://t.co/uLXxERh4Ek
RT @tombassett: Facebook predicts the future of mobile video, video, video @mindswarms @mrx https://t.co/2FJWca2lqF
@visioncritical Our pleasure! Thanks for a great post.
4 storytelling devices to enhance your research reports: https://t.co/aLLnbfKMvV Love this! Storytelling is of utmost importance #MRX #NewMR
eBay CEO is betting big on Artificial Intelligence. One of the promises of AI is the personalization of processes. https://t.co/qKgYxc2wij
Google CEO: "We feel we're ahead of Apple, others in artificial intelligence" How does AI factor into #MRX? https://t.co/h2Y5q6fh98
.@Forbes But are consumers ready to give up the wheel? https://t.co/lUEtK3b3T1
RT @Forbes: Elon Musk: We are less than 2 years from self-driving cars https://t.co/NDlqKSJaaN https://t.co/wCYD4i2dBE
Technology has killed the joy of shopping! This report has all the juicy consumer footage to back up the claim. https://t.co/hJdQoU2Axk #MRX
Get a discount on tickets to the MRMW 2016 conference in Fort Worth. Our CEO has a speaking spot! @tombassett #mrx https://t.co/JN0pXJZdwV
Impulse buying is dead, and technology is to blame. Our latest insights report explains why this is happening. #mrx https://t.co/QdhJZRW74i
.@tombassett will be speaking at the MRMW Conference this year. Use the code MIN20 to get tickets! https://t.co/BVrX7CxpK1
#MRX #NEWMr Impulse Buying is Dead, and retailers can't recover. Our report explains why. https://t.co/ZgyDon4fqR https://t.co/dTq3s4tay7

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