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RT @MikeONeilRocks: So, which one is Lindsay Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac) and which is me? http://t.co/Xb7wSpKX9H http://t.co/dxRjTu2IFf
Retro week for my #LinkedIn profile photo, ~1979 today - Am I Lindsay Buckingham? http://t.co/Dr657M4EYD
RT @MikeONeilRocks: Isn't this one of the coolest symbols you ever saw? ♞
Learn new ideas for meeting important speakers at conferences http://t.co/bKWffcLppZ
RT @brianmoran: @loriruff @MikeONeilRocks Thanks Lori and Mike. Loved being on your show! Would do it again in a heartbeat. #RockTheWorld
BIG thanks to my new & "newly re-invigorated" friends from the Totally Kickin' @AA-ISP event in CHI #LS14
Wow, @DionneMischler is so happy, happy, happy presenting here at AA-ISP #LS14 http://t.co/9tuKQEwtpN
#LS14 ConnectAndSell is giving away 100 FREE TRIALS today at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit! Come see us! http://t.co/M2andqLBZp
RT @MikeONeilRocks: New - #Denver #LinkedIn Groups networking event - 4/30, Hyatt DTC, 5pm, FREE http://t.co/XVcQJnSJwb
My partner in #Denver has a sales position, web collaboration product, http://t.co/JbUGZwri06
Looking for a neat sales job in #Denver? Online collaboration? https://t.co/r1eNNWB9VE
RT @MikeONeilRocks: My #Google+ Hangout configuration. The mic is so sensitive it needs a towel http://t.co/3cGWscFk6N
RT @MikeONeilRocks: Does this picture describe how cold it is in #Minnesota? http://t.co/ofnGAaTZLO
Yippie - we're presenting #LinkedIn/SEO workshops in lovely #Boulder & #Denver in April, see more http://t.co/kXh6ji92SQ
Anyone seen the movie #OfficeSpace more than 5 times? Own it?
RT @MikeONeilRocks: Anyone use a product called http://t.co/6sW9boJRIg? Seems too cheap
I've become a big fan of @joelosteen, he gets thru to me, started adopting some of his style, any Joel fans?
RT @MikeONeilRocks: #LinkedIn has new photo editing help for your headshot image. Pick Edit Profile, Edit Picture http://t.co/K2Tw0yu92n
RT @MikeONeilRocks: Laying down some LinkedIn tracks for a client I just trained in Las Vegas. [pic]: http://t.co/VB8xU9Ve5W
RT @MikeONeilRocks: I was sure off on #Office365, it's not web-based Office, just a download & mo pmt, there's a disconnect

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