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Hear What Real Patients are Saying. #dromidi #omidi https://t.co/ONtO8O04IJ
Does the external shape of the nose affect breathing https://t.co/GUTLy6IA2E
Dr Michael Omidi: https://t.co/4Ea9XHUiPO via @YouTube
Dr. Michael Omidi M.D.| F.A.C.S. Staff Review: https://t.co/N9vd91pY5F via @YouTube
Dr. Michael Omidi - Eyelid surgery: https://t.co/0VQTIDz1kr via @YouTube
Peeling after nose job https://t.co/9mYfVqvTOR
Addressing the tip and flaring in a nose job https://t.co/oqPyjdIXTU
Exercise after septoplasty rhinoplasty https://t.co/FztOcRaojm
Flaring nostrils https://t.co/BYzyGEsKUj
Smoking after surgery https://t.co/mCyVItlSUl
Returning nose back to original shape https://t.co/pRHKyfev5m
Achieving a beautiful and feminine nose https://t.co/wxpiuI1nRb
Sclerotherapy veins: https://t.co/56ZUBUk3rh via @YouTube
Michael Omidi Real Patients: https://t.co/eTReWxJjlu via @YouTube
Dr. Michael Omidi -Real Patient Testimonials: https://t.co/mU80WyQAMQ via @YouTube
DiamondA Pacific Med Health Group: https://t.co/WIy9GiNb5x via @YouTube
Before and After Lap Band Surgery Testimonials from Lap Band: https://t.co/8CzzMU6lMi via @YouTube
Nasal fracture https://t.co/6cCRbXsJCS
Timing for surgery after breaking nose https://t.co/MRDtRvpprL
Displaced nasal fractures https://t.co/ARPbiGfzAS

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Dr. Michael Omidi is a double-board certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and a magna cum laude

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