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@GarfieldHerriot "Does money buy happiness..." Pretty sure lack of debt buys happiness! LOL It does not take as much money as people think.
@Gnuboss Re: WP Launchpad. Yeah, thanks... I think that is what I ended up using. Appreciate it. :)
Why are some "gurus" in IM so obnoxious! I understand that text conversation removes an element of communication, but try not to be rude!
The path to success is littered with failures. Failure is the key to the door of success. - @MichaelChris
@SeanWoodruff Re: Automated BUT, if that person has an email list of 20,000 or a heavily trafficked blog or something... Do u have example?
Just added myself to the http://wefollow.com twitter directory under: #internetmarketing #nichemarketer #makemoney
@MichaelChris gained 574 followers since yesterday: http://twittercounter.com/MichaelChris
Check out www.tweetertags.com - it allows you to tag yourself with your interests and find similar people on Twitter.
@mariagudelis Re: Offline Affiliate Program - Cool... I'll keep an eye out. Thanks.
Oops... I just DMed my previous response to multiple people... copy and pasted multiple times before I realized! Sorry. LOL
@SeanWoodruff Re: "How do people attract 5000-10000"... Software or maybe they have a large email list or high traffic website / blog...
Please RETWEET! Need help launching into a niche? Discover the path to multiple profit streams... http://projectliveprofit.com/
@mariagudelis Curious... do you have any affiliate programs for your Offline Gold style products?
3:27 am here... geez, I know, I am a night owl. Please make it worth it... sign up for the update list LOL... http://projectliveprofit.com/
@edmundpelgen Thanks for the wordpress theme link. I went with LaunchPad... have a much better landing page up http://projectliveprofit.com/
Still trying to get rid of Worst Squeeze Page Ever from last night... http://www.projectliveprofit.com/ LOL Don't judge... I was tired. :D
... thinking of something witty to type ... oh, that was it :D
Scouring my hard drive, PLR memberships, and Internet for a half way decent squeeze page or template... maybe for WordPress...
@chrissharp Re: Good idea. Thanks, see... I'm an innovator! :) Twitter should hire me... I have so many ways they could improve this beast!
RT @AndyHenry I've just made another donation to http://macyjohns.com/ - please do the same if you can.

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