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@EttaJoanne I am REALLY worried about you. PLEASE call me!
Amateurs do not use coaches. Professionals do.
It's not too late to register for tomorrow's webinar: http://t.co/SPHLnTHrlc
On this Memorial Day, commit to business service and success for the sake of those who’ve given their lives to allow you to do so.
This Wednesday at 10:30am PDT: http://t.co/SPHLnTHrlc
The water that’s required to breed a 1,000 pound beef steer = 2,500 gallons per pound, which is enough to float a destroyer.
SUCCESS KEY: Don’t watch TV. It’s the hypnotic, electronic, income reducer.
SUCCESS KEY: Defy “human nature” and strive to excel. Understand your true purpose, and deploy your capability, to change the world.
Business Success only takes 90 minutes...http://t.co/3r43OqyNHa
ENGAGE your clients. Introduce them to their possibilities, achieved through YOUR solutions.
We’re looking forward to ramping-up some businesses on Wednesday, with cutting edge, innovative strategies, during our free webinar
Some people get you, some don’t. Choose to work with the ones who do...
I really like our code of ethics here... http://t.co/PPXbNIX40C
In business, always develop and operate with a heart of service. It will make all the difference...
Every day of your life so far has led you to this day. What are you going to do with it?
If you're in business, MARK YOUR CALENDARS for May 27: http://t.co/SPHLnTHrlc
You can't "manage" time... You can only manage yourself through time...
Business success is contingent upon FOCUS. What you focus on advances...
Strategic team meeting tonight... http://t.co/EIypmcWo38
Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.

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