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25% off sale!!! Protect your assets and get your water leak detection system today.
All I want for Christmas is a water leak detection device. Learn more at www.michiganaquatech.com.
Now part of the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce. Visit us at www.michiganaquatech.com to learn about how we can help you.
A leak producing 30 drops per minute will waste 54 gallons of water in a month. Don't want that on your water bill? Get a Water Master.
Meeting with the State of Michigan tomorrow to see if a partnership can be formed. Check our website out: www.michiganaquatech.com
Check us out at www.michiganaquatech.com to learn about our company and innovative product.
Entire home was covered in black mold. The water damage from the pipe that burst could've been prevented by the Water Master.
Water leaks is to water damage as Water Master is to protection.
New website is up and running. Check it out at www.michiganaquatech.com
New website is almost complete. So excited.
Just added myself to the http://wefollow.com twitter directory under: #sanford_mi #business #water #plumbing #waterconservation #waterd
Conducting a market research study to learn more about our number one priority...customers.
Stop the drips, stop the leaks, give our a product a long peak.
Working on a new design that is amazing!
Innovative product, outstanding results.
92% of water damage reported is due to appliances and faulty plumbing. Protect youself before water wrecks yourself.
Ever wondered about the possibility of water damage from faulty plumbing? That question would never come up if you had a Water Master.
If only there was a product that could protect me from water damage...Happy day there is. It's called the Water Master.
Featuring whole home water leak detection systems at a reasonable price.
Water...conserve it and protect you assets from it. Give us a call.

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We are a company that produces and distributes a water leak detection system called the Water Master. Contact us today and protect your home from water damage.

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