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If #batman can receive a fax in his helmet, so can you! Well...on your mobile phone at least!…
MetroFax is one of "the best online fax services of 2017"! #smallbusiness #homebusiness #onlinefax
@jaimarec Please DM with your fax number I can assist you. ^MH
Excited to announce we've won the 2017 Stevie Award for Favorite Customer Service. Thanks for all your support & co…
Last chance to cast your vote for our outstanding customer service team! Please visit & enter code J898P. Thanks!
@BerklawBrian Your most welcome. If you have any trouble send me a DM and I can assist you further. ^FM
@BerklawBrian Try putting {nocoverpage} in the body of the email to disable the cover sheet. Thanks ^FM
Visit & enter code: J898P to vote for our outstanding customer service team in this year's Stevie Awards! Thank you!
Please vote for our customer service team in this year's Stevie Awards! Visit & enter code: J898P.
@suzynam Hi Suzy, sorry to hear if you're having trouble reaching us. Please send me a DM if you still need help! ^JD
@Broo2 I'd be happy to help. Please send me a DM with your fax number. ^JD
@zippy1981 Hi Justin, I'd like to discuss your suggestion in more detail. Please send me a DM! ^JD
@ScottSkrogstad We are currently seeing a higher-than-normal call volume related to technical issue. Send me a DM and I can help you! ^JD
@JoeRod51 I'm sorry for the delay in response. I have tested and sent test faxes all successful. Can you confirm you received them? ^MH
@JoeRod51 Thank you for the fax number. I will start my diagnostics on the account. Please send me a DM . ^MH
@JoeRod51 I would definitely like to help you with this. Please DM me with your fax # so that I can locate your account information. ^MH
@that_shid_gray I made sure we were following you, sorry for the delay
@that_shid_gray We have followed your account, I just need the account that I will be assisting with. For your privacy, please DM the # ^CP
@that_shid_gray I can help you with this, I just need you to send me a DM with your fax # & I will have you logged into your account quickly
.@zippy1981 Hi Justin, perhaps I can help shed some light. Please message anytime you need anything ^CP

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