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@jbmusso is there any way to use grex with tinkerpop frames?
a cool application of Gephi:
Now U can explore your Fb network within FB:
#GRAILS anyone done some BEBO API Grails Plugin like the FB Connect or the Twitter plugin? Thanx
Twitter is like a giant brain full of associative thoughts. But some thoughts are persistent...
#Grails anyone knows of a plugin for Youtube/Flickr similar to the Twitter plugin?
advertise your FB groups on MergingPot:
MergingPot presentation at Human Social Culture Behavior (HSCB) Modeling Program: Focus 2010 Conference,Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Retweet: Post your Twitter' s Page on MergingPot:
MergingPot's FB group:
@pendensproditor Thanks Zeno! have not been here for a while....good link
Retweet: Pot Alpha 1.0 open:
Pot Alpha 1.0 is already on line, but pass protected (some QA taking place). If u are interested in being an early tester, send message.
new pics of the Pot FB Connector available on the MergingPot FB Group...
@Dana_Willhoit same experience. They are absorbing the twitter lesson...
the limits of our social intelligence:
@Vanesak Excellent, thanx Vanessa! Indeed there is a huge opportunity there, but one has to be clever to do it right...
@burtbeckwith i guess u r right. I''ll try, although there mqaybe room for another FB plugin. That one is about authentication, like openId
@burtbeckwith Burt, your Plugin works great, Thumbs up! How about writing something similar for FB? current FB connect plugin not enough..
@burtbeckwith GREAT!!!! U know, the funny thing is, I just noticed it 5 minutes ago, before reading your answer :) Great job

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