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@LoosePen Looks awesome! Thanks for the support.
Baby, it's cold outside! 🎶❄️ Why not come inside and warm up with Melt's NEW winter cocktail menu! Enjoy all six of…
@CleFoodBank Thanks for the continued support.
You don't have to travel 🛩 all the way to the island of Monte Cristo to enjoy this unique, sweet and savory take on…
@benweinrib Heard! Kevin Bacon is available all Dec 2017! He will definitely make a return in 2018 too... thanks for the support
@thepatfayen @packers @SMKeebs13 Ha! Love it! We actually love cheese more than those “cheeseheads”! Go Browns!
@benweinrib We agree!! Thanks for the support
@ClevelandScene Thank you! Honored to be included on this collection of great restaurants. Lakewood will always be our home!
@johnwallencheck Looks great! Thanks for the support
@reachingheights Thanks for the support!
Calling craft beer aficionados! Looking for an alternative to dark and heavy winter warmers and stouts? 🍺 Melt has…
@MattPetersen79 Ok. Thanks for the info. We will look into this ASAP with the Independence managers. We apprecia…
@CoryDDMiller Great. Sounds like the perfect sandwich for you! See you soon for the other 2 choices! Thanks again for the support!
@CoryDDMiller Great to hear! Ask for more marinara next time! Thanks for the support.
@gwiggins18 @Runnin4h2o @CaitZimm2014 @Save_The_Crew Thanks for the support! See you soon!
@MattPetersen79 Same potatoes and process since day 1. Switched to an outside manufacturer in 2014. They produce fo…
@SaintMurray @Runnin4h2o @CaitZimm2014 Starting the process today! Thanks or the help.
@Runnin4h2o @CaitZimm2014 @Save_The_Crew Sports team relocation is horrible. We know it first hand. We will suppor…
@CaitZimm2014 @Runnin4h2o @SaintMurray Will do! Thanks for the info! We need to Save Our Crew!
@ZiG_factor Thanks for supporting this awesome book collaboration! We love how it turned out.

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Melt Bar and Grilled specializes in gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, fresh salads and homemade soups. We have 20 beers on tap and over 150 bottled beers.

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