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In this world, the prenatal and terminally-ill postnatal are both expendable. #CharlieGard
@realDonaldTrump Court orders are not set in stone, use your God-given discretion to Help people! #CharlieGard #workingtogether
Nothing in this world can take the place of Your Righteousness (Thy will done on earth), Your Peace and Joy in the…
God's love hates sin, since it distracts the masses to the countless ways it's being lied to and abused for selfish worldly gain.
God's love doesn't tolerate sin because sin kills, some sins quicker than others
God's love is the Beauty of Holiness
God's love hates sin, as it produces nothing but disparity, poverty, and disease.
God's love doesn't tolerate sin, since sin makes evil what God created good.
Church, let Jesus back in
Policies are not set in stone, use your discretion to Help those in need!
Lord, help me, help me today to be more loving than I was yesterday
Why did God create us? God is love and upon us His love overflows...
God in His mercy gave the Hebrews in Levi 17:11 an atonement solution, and in time sent the Ultimate Atonement Solution to Justify everyone.
@1Gemstones Time is in Yah's hands. Be patient. Our desire for truth is always satisfied in the Holy Spirit. This a…
@GodsGrace57 Amen.
Why does God hate sin? sin breaks God's heart, turning what was declared good into something evil; turning God's beloved into sinners.
Why does God hate sin? sin is another word for injustice. God's holiness is founded on Justice. Jesus is the embodiment of God's justice.
@ambassador277 Our purpose to walk in the good works, God laid out before us in advance.
Why did Jesus have to die? sin subtracts life from creation, introducing death. The taker must answer his Maker. Jesus became that answer.
Jesus is the world's atonement solution, Jews especially included, since Yeshua was first and foremost the "Son of Man", the Hebrew Messiah.

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