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@ColinEnglish my husband is still a miner. The mine he works at is FMI Copper & Gold in Morenci,Arizona. Huge open pit mining w/giant trucks
@classic_gus Awwww! This made my day :)
Pink and white Cherry Vanilla Swirl marshmallows by Megzy's 'Mallows, 1.25" square and topped with…
11 bags of Perfectly Princess Wedding Cake Marshmallows by Megzy's 'Mallows gorgeous vanilla cake…
Tangerine Dream marshmallows by Megzy's 'Mallow's 9 bags of 4 (1.5" square) at $2.50 a bag + $5.00…
The last few days before my parents left the country for Mexico all our memories of the few years they…
My parents are coming to Texas for int'l convention, planning their outfits & we'll be excited to have them almost home:) #june2014
My Dad called me internationally to give me Dad advice & it made my whole week. I rarely get to talk to them, nice to hear his voice:)
RT @emmyrossum: I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. #MLK
RT @Girlfriendology: LOVE is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a FRIEND. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr....…
"@Starbucks: "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'"— Martin Luther King, Jr." Very good question
"@thegooglefact: There's a direct link- Sarcastic people tend to be more honest, loyal & upfront with their friends." Uh ya think? ;) haha!
@theLunartic working on it after past two years feel barely loveable.
@GeekTyrant @JoeyPaur well...he is green and all....
@theLunartic it's helping me to not even mentally roll my eyes when they're grumpy & instead"sis loving must not feel well how can I help"
@theLunartic it can be hard to do. I started mentally calling difficult ones by what Jehovah must see "sis never missing" "br faithful"
@theLunartic true. I'm just tired at constantly still being picked at and dissected. I want to shout that if u couldn't be there don't judge
@theLunartic now...she calls me a negative person she had to cut out of her life. And I am at a loss. I'm ok but amazed at unkindness.
@theLunartic and was unfriended because every time I tried to talk to her I checked to see if she was ok before I dumped my sadness on her
@theLunartic about a year ago we thought we were having a baby, and then we weren't. Reached out to a friend, got called a drama llama.

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