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Life has no remote, so get up and #change it yourself. Love this quote!!! #BeAboutIt
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Monday Meditation – Week 17:
RT @JuliaRosien: Stop stressing. Start creating. From what you have. You have more than you realize! See it. Appreciate it. Create from it.
Happy Easter to your family from mine!
Why choose to stay in pain? What do you hope to accomplish there? #GetFree #LearnGrowMoveon
The Friday 5 – Being Productive Anyhow: This Friday 5 is about maintaining a level of consistent productivity ...
Silence the voice of negative self-talk. Master your thinking. ~ Medina Isiah #insights
F.E.A.R. - False Evidence Appearing Real. ~ unknown #quotes
Mastering your God-tailored passion is mastering your God-given purpose. ~ Medina Isiah #insights
When the Lord sends detours, it's His way of perfecting your plans. ~ Medina Isiah #insights
Monday Meditation – Week 16:
Procrastination is the thief of time. ~ Medina Isiah #insights
Happy Saturday! #hugs #roadtrip #newyork
Watch what you say. Words have power. #insights
The Friday 5 – Emotion Restoration via @@MedinaIsiah
The past is dead, except for the life you give it. ~ Miles Munroe #Quotes
The Friday 5 – Emotion Restoration: This Friday 5 is about restoring your emotional soundness. Our emotions c...
Your attitude truly does effect your altitude--embrace gratitude. ~ Medina Isiah #insights
Quote #1 – Freedom: Freedom increases with every act of bravery. ~ Medina Isiah

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