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Silence the voice of negative self-talk. Master your thinking. ~ Medina Isiah #insights
F.E.A.R. - False Evidence Appearing Real. ~ unknown #quotes
Mastering your God-tailored passion is mastering your God-given purpose. ~ Medina Isiah #insights
When the Lord sends detours, it's His way of perfecting your plans. ~ Medina Isiah #insights
Monday Meditation – Week 16:
Procrastination is the thief of time. ~ Medina Isiah #insights
Happy Saturday! #hugs #roadtrip #newyork
Watch what you say. Words have power. #insights
The Friday 5 – Emotion Restoration via @@MedinaIsiah
The past is dead, except for the life you give it. ~ Miles Munroe #Quotes
The Friday 5 – Emotion Restoration: This Friday 5 is about restoring your emotional soundness. Our emotions c...
Your attitude truly does effect your altitude--embrace gratitude. ~ Medina Isiah #insights
Quote #1 – Freedom: Freedom increases with every act of bravery. ~ Medina Isiah
You are far more capable, creative, joyful, and effective than you've ever allowed yourself to be. ~ Ralph Marston
Precede any major decision with wise counsel. ~ Medina Isiah #insights
Once u get a glance @ who u can become, u should no longer b comfortable with who u r. #becomethechange #ready4growth
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Failure is not an option, nor should it be considered as an expected outcome. ~ Medina Isiah #insights
Tip #4 – Let It Go: As women we are wired to be incubators. We’re not only capable of holding on to things for...
Monday Meditation – Week 15:

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