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RT @HSR_global: Attention Captains! There will be no HSR developer stream today, please accept our apologies, and enjoy the new Raid!
@kdramalaws @OrionsRamblings It's a really fun story ;)
@OrionsRamblings @kdramalaws Sorry to hear, we thought the issues were fixed since the first release! Would you like me to DM you?
@np_marshall @wizzytweets @colacube82 It's necessity. Fuel for the devs.
RT @Tomace91: Looks like it's a cake for breakfast kind of day at @Mediatonic
mmmm dat cake
@signint happy to hear! <3
RT @signint: Been playing a ton of Monsters (Probably) Stole my Princess from @Mediatonic on PSP lately. I love this game!!…
RT @PlayfieldHQ: Check out these action packed releases by #indiedev's here on Playfield: #gaming…
HSR Dev Stream - Challenging Arena Battles and Bugfixes! - 22/01/16: via @YouTube
RT @orangeflower08: 「アドラビリス」の正式名称は"Opisthoteuthis(メンダコ属)Adorabilis" なので、メンダコの仲間だよ。直訳すると「可愛らしいメンダコ」か。 "くるりん"と足を体に巻きつけて、丸いボールみたいになってるところ。 ht…
Hey everybirdie, the PSN patches for Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star on PS4 and PS Vita are now live! Chirp~
HSR Dev Stream - Raid away your troubles... - 22/01/16: via @YouTube
HSR Dev Stream - No Chant Arena and TONS of Final Fantasy units! - 15/01/16: via @YouTube
HSR Dev Stream - Lots of new units and Arena Battles! - 08/01/16: via @YouTube
Happy New Year! New roles now open at Mediatonic :)
@Steven_PS_Vita It's on the way!
@Tomie_Ito @devolverdigital @PlayStationFR Patch coming very soon!
@TravisMAnderson good job! 👍
RT @HSR_global: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Celebrate with our great new Final Fantasy 4 recruitment drive - feat. Cecil and Golbez!…

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MUST.EAT.BIRDS, MONSTERS (PROBABLY) STOLE MY PRINCESS and AMATEUR SURGEON creators, Mediatonic is an independent games developer responsible for digital games!

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