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RT @cute_lil_ufo: after playing hatoful boyfriend once
@ligyrophobic Not at the moment. A few new things to announce soon though :)
@BathysphereHat Hopefully! :)
@gr83me Glad you like them! :D
@Ziusun Awesome to hear you're enjoying them!
Happy Friday! We’ve completed work on a couple of huge games in the past few weeks. Super excited about revealing them to the world!
Morning Everybirdie! There's still time to grab Hatoful Boyfriend at 50% off in the Steam Daily Deal!
RT @devolverdigital: Gross. “@ForkParker: If Hatoful Boyfriend hits number one on the Steam top sellers list I will make out with a pigeon …
RT @franchiuml: Forgot to post this here: inspired by @dexbonus's playthrough of @Mediatonic #HatofulBoyfriend
Hatoful Boyfriend is the Steam Deal of the Day - 50% off seducing the bird of your dreams for a limited time!
RT @TrollcatGazz: Me and @BethanyCDavison. Happy halloween @devolverdigital, @HotlineMiami & @Hatoful!
RT @raw_genesis: Found someone cosplaying Hatoful Boyfriend at #PAXAus my life is complete
@BathysphereHat Haha, amazing to hear you liked it! :D
@darkwolf660 We hope the magic happens one day
@dexbonus Wow, they are amazing!!
RT @dexbonus: Photo: The St Pigeonations earrings we made on stream today! @mediatonic #HatofulBoyfriend
RT @HollyConrad: So excited this happened today. #pigeonlove @Mediatonic
@Gbot_Alec @HollyConrad Senpai is watching.
@sunshine1883 Love it! :D
@dexbonus We loved your Hatoful Boyfriend series! Awesome to see you liked it and thanks for playing!

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MUST.EAT.BIRDS, MONSTERS (PROBABLY) STOLE MY PRINCESS and AMATEUR SURGEON creators, Mediatonic is an independent games developer responsible for digital games!

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