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@StaticJungle Awesome to hear you like it!
@dexbonus We're loving your series here!
RT @dannyodwyer: Hell yea we gave Hatoful Boyfriend a higher score than Destiny! #videogames I LOVE YOU SHUU!!! http…
RT @rockpapershot: Is Hatoful Boyfriend the best pigeon dating sim on PC? Yes, and even weirder than expected. Wot we think:…
@OverlordSt1nG They're waiting for you ;)
@np_marshall It's going to be messy.
@Aussie_Legend We'll let you know when the 3bn offer comes in ;)
@OverlordSt1nG Thanks for your support! :D
Mediatonic is 9 years old today! Massive thanks to everyone who has supported our work and games - we wouldn't be here without you <3
RT @devolverdigital: Ditch your significant other and get a Hatoful Boyfriend. Please retweet.
RT @devolverdigital: Ahem. (drops mic)
@frannigen Glad you liked it! We're hoping to make it, depends how the first one does :)
RT @gshowitt: I reviewed pigeon dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend for the Guardian
RT @moa810: 風呂上がりおこさん(BGM:ダムるし)
RT @moa810: 入浴おこさん(BGM:げんまいさん)
@Aero_Smash We did indeed :)
@CrimsonCeremony We're not working on it at the minute but we would like to in the future :)
@Spike_McCloud Thanks! Glad you liked it <3
@Urbanimated I'm afraid so - next year!

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MUST.EAT.BIRDS, MONSTERS (PROBABLY) STOLE MY PRINCESS and AMATEUR SURGEON creators, Mediatonic is an independent games developer responsible for digital games!

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