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RT @devolverdigital: The best games Devolver Digital has to offer are priced to move this holiday season: http://t.c…
@OneBunnyOwsla WOOO! Thanks! :D
@_lagspike 'bum leg' tee hee hee
@JordanWMinor @SquareEnix thanks Jordan!
RT @HSR_global: The nice people at @148Apps interviewed HSR producer Ichikawa-san and @Mediatonic boss Paul Croft! Check it out here: http:…
Ah, Nanaki-sensei, trust you to be asleep!
@LittleMissEdi @RobThez @ILTE7 we love all of our children equally (but not all of our producers…)
@The_Extrange @LittleMissEdi HEY! *disapproving stare*
@LittleMissEdi @The_Extrange she's a "Felyne" :)
Cat girl? She'd hit you for that… MT @The_Extrange: Heavenstrike Rivals: it's Square-Enix so ofc it has cat girls
Have you seen @moa810's awesome Hatoful Advent Calendar? Check it out!
HELLS YEAH. RT @A_Webster: lord help me im excited about a square enix mobile game
RT @SquareEnix: Announcing our brand new #iOS & #Android tactical RPG, #HeavenstrikeRivals @HSR_global…
Thanks! <3 RT @gamezebo Square Enix Free-To-Play RPG Heavenstrike Rivals in Soft Launch
We've posted an article on our blog about HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS. Check it out!
There's some more information about HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS, and the story, in the press release:
@kiviboy we certainly hope to do so!
@kiviboy it's a good thing we don't understand sarcasm, eh?
You can see a gameplay trailer of HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS here:
@Failgunner well, it DOES have a pigeon in it… (in the background)

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MUST.EAT.BIRDS, MONSTERS (PROBABLY) STOLE MY PRINCESS and AMATEUR SURGEON creators, Mediatonic is an independent games developer responsible for digital games!

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