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@Doozerpindan you should pitch it to @moa810 - she's the Big Boss of Hatoful!
RT @thejohnnyluu: Damn you @Mediatonic I've never really played turn based card battle style games before, but #heavenstrikerivals might ha…
@thejohnnyluu yaaaaaay! :D
The folks at @PocketGamer review #heavenstrikerivals: "So far, we're impressed."
@CaptBallistic s(・`ヘ´・;)ゞ
@AmiqusAl thanks Alan!
RT @fuku_s12: 島々がチェーンで繋がってるの面白い。フィールドを飛空艇が通過していくし、ここの画面見てるだけでワクワクする。 #HeavenstrikeRivals
@EliteGamerHaven really happy to hear that - thanks!
@RinShirika thank you so much!
We've also launched the website, which features lots of artwork from the game! Check it out here:
We're delighted to announce that HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS is now available worldwide! (excl. Japan and some other Asian territories)
RT @SquareEnix: Heavenstrike Rivals (@HSR_global) is out now! check out the SE Blog for details ->…
The folks at @appspy did a hands-on preview of Heavenstrike Rivals! Check it out here: #heavenstrikerivals
Just 10 hours left to get an exclusive Hatoful Dakimakura by @moa810 with the @humble weekly bundle!
RT @_comicbuzz: Heavenstrike Rivals – ‘First look’ video released @HSR_global @Mediatonic @SquareEnix…
Learn more about our new game HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS with our intro video, and a clip of a super-explosive CG trailer!
RT @devolverdigital: Hatoful Boyfriend Vine presented without comment for your enjoyment.
RT @devolverdigital: Need a last minute Valentine's Day card for your sweetie? The Hatoful Boyfriend birds are here to help!…
RT @Polygon: Humble Bundle's 'For Lovers' sale lets you sleep with a Hatoful Boyfriend pigeon

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