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@shinmai Thanks for the kind words! We've been working hard on it and are looking forward to showing it off to the world soon!
@Sparching Details are incoming next week! ;)
@triplelightning Awesome to hear! We're announcing all the details next week :)
@tsukishimacest Mac version incoming next month :)
@Sparching Coming next week! :)
It's the Mediatonic Summer Party tonight. All of our soft drinks have been replaced with beer.
@Bantasaur Ah I see! Review codes won't be going out for a few weeks yet, so worth checking back in with them then :)
@Bantasaur I checked and we replied around a week ago - let me know if you didn't get anything and we'll resend.
Best not to get on the wrong side of Shuu. Some exciting Hatoful Boyfriend news incoming next week!
@umagaatGABY *stares*
@miharxn @zolfreecs @whiispey <3
@whiispey @zolfreecs WE LOVE YOU ALL
@SilverSoybeans Coming on Mac next month! :)
RT @ForkParker: Starting to think that having Andy Serkis do motion capture work for Hatoful Boyfriend was fiscally irresponsible. http://t…
@XTgamer Not sure, we've got Foul Play on Vita happening very soon though ;)
@XTgamer Awesome thanks for the link, we'll check it out!
RT @devolverdigital: The Hatoful Boyfriend page is up on Steam oh god are we really doing this?
@mrbuttocks @devolverdigital You will indeed get trading cards
@aamateurartist *waves*

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MUST.EAT.BIRDS, MONSTERS (PROBABLY) STOLE MY PRINCESS and AMATEUR SURGEON creators, Mediatonic is an independent games developer responsible for digital games!

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