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Some awesome Hatoful Boyfriend fan art to open up the morning!
@TomTrach @dexbonus Amazing!
@Rods012 Awesome to hear you liked it!
@shinmai @TerriblyBland He is definitely an attractive birdie
@Furramenin We can never resist Nageki's eyes.
@Aero_Smash @sandtgame Hopefully soon! :)
RT @Lucahjin: Oh my god. The secret BBL scenario of Hatoful Boyfriend was amazing... I've never cried so while playing a video game...
RT @devolverdigital: The most overlooked feature in the new Steam update is that Hatoful Boyfriend is now recommended to everyone with true…
RT @rtificial_flava: @devolverdigital thanks to hatoful boyfriend I now catch potential suitors stalking me in real life.…
@Julip0p @PS3Attitude Who's That Flying is another one of ours :)
@Doozerpindan Thanks! Awesome to hear you liked it. All credit to @moa810 though :)
@Videoizt Senpai is watching.
RT @ThatCarlGuy: Seriously, check out this great Hatoful Boyfriend article that I'm super proud to have worked with my friends on! http://t…
@Doozerpindan @dexbonus Haha, maybe a Dodger voice over expansion? That would be pretty awesome.
@livvycosplay No plans at the moment but it may happen in the future!
@StaticJungle Awesome to hear you like it!
@dexbonus We're loving your series here!
RT @dannyodwyer: Hell yea we gave Hatoful Boyfriend a higher score than Destiny! #videogames I LOVE YOU SHUU!!! http…
RT @rockpapershot: Is Hatoful Boyfriend the best pigeon dating sim on PC? Yes, and even weirder than expected. Wot we think:…

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MUST.EAT.BIRDS, MONSTERS (PROBABLY) STOLE MY PRINCESS and AMATEUR SURGEON creators, Mediatonic is an independent games developer responsible for digital games!

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