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HSR Dev Stream - Balance patch, Dragon units and RAIDING! - 27/11/15: via @YouTube
RT @gamezer0: Donate to our @Mediatonic Movember team ( or deal with it!
RT @_lagspike: The @Mediatonic Mo Team are doing the gods' glorious work. #movember
RT @HSR_global: A great new chance to pick some some of the best legendaries in the game, but only for 24 hours! (Part 1)…
RT @HSR_global: It's a special soft-launch anniversary Recruitment drive, featuring the elusive Red Mage and the terrifying Juliet! https:/…
RT @HSR_global: TRIPLE CHANCE OF LEGENDARY UNITS in our special Birthday Celebration recruitment drive - only for 24 hours! (Part1) https:/…
RT @HSR_global: TRIPLE DRIVE CONTAINS: Duke Paresmore! Dark Raven! Vengeful Widow! Kengo! Witchdoctor! Okai Lera! Enlightened Oro! https://…
RT @CaptBallistic: So damn proud to be part of the @Mediatonic family. 10 years old, we are! Awesome night with the best people <3 In other…
RT @HSR_global: An amazing new drive brings 3 new units inspired by the Dragon legends of China! Let your inner fire show!…
RT @HSR_global: An amazing new drive begins! Only 35 cores for a 10-pull, 7 featured Legendaries BUT only for 24 hours! (Part 1) https://t.…
RT @HSR_global: Get your hands on some old classics and new powerhouses before it's too late! (Part 2)
RT @TheRicass: It happened. A woman I had met for a first date saw my Hatoful Boyfriend body pillow. The awkward tension was palpable.
HSR Dev Stream - Raiding, Patches and a special League Announcement! - 06/11/15: via @YouTube
@roboroto This is incredible.
Who doesn't love some #laracroft?!
RT @Coxlin: Us guys @mediatonic are growing lip ferrets #Movember -
HSR Dev Stream - Raiding, Patches and a Special League Announcement! - 06/11/15: via @YouTube
@invertedaccess @devolverdigital Yes, it should be back up soon!
Christmas is coming. Something for the wish list? ....Holiday Star!!! <3

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