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@slothsbesleepin <3
RT @devolverdigital: Hatoful Boyfriend has been delayed just a bit to September 4 as @Mediatonic polishes up the game before it hatches! ht…
@helloiamrob @domtakesphotos There will most likely be some shippage at some point tonight
@VeronicaBoychuk We have several pigeons in the office who aid in interpretation.
@Magicasterix It's pretty much done, hopefully we should have a launch date to announce very soon!
@Bantasaur Should be early next week - look out for an update! :)
@RasenReviews Our lawyers are all over it.
@alltimelows haha, will do ;)
@lcvella That's odd as the address is correct. Give it one more shot?
@Vagoomy A very realistic Ryota!
Swimming lessons at St.Pigeonations can get a little steamy.
@Bantasaur Almost there!
Less than 2 weeks until Hatoful Boyfriend launch! Our feathers are positively moist.
RT @humble: My plumage is ready. Hatoful Boyfriend pre-orders are now up on the Humble Store
@devolverdigital @MolotovCupcake @destructoid Thanks! Loving the header image!
Everybirdie at Mediatonic is very excited about the reaction to Hatoful Boyfriend! Now it's time to return home...
RT @ForkParker: I'm not saying Hatoful Boyfriend is secretly Half Life 3 but I'm not saying it isn't either.
@triplelightning Amazing! Thanks for your support! :)

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MUST.EAT.BIRDS, MONSTERS (PROBABLY) STOLE MY PRINCESS and AMATEUR SURGEON creators, Mediatonic is an independent games developer responsible for digital games!

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