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RT @HSR_JP: 【事前登録】スクエニの逆輸入タイトル『HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS (ヘブンストライク ライバルズ)』 がついに日本上陸! [ファミ通app] @famitsuappさんから
RT @ReviewerGames: @HSR_global Hi! We reviewed Heavenstrike Rivals & rated it 4 stars here: RPG and strategy fans wi…
@MovieUmpire Coming very soon!
@lordtobi909 Sorry we've been slow to respond! I've passed the changes onto the team
Work alert! New jobs available at Mediatonic:
@fuku_s12 今はいないんですが、めちゃ可愛いので作りたいです(個人的には)
@fuku_s12 おお、いい言葉ですよ〜 トマトちゃんにも合いますねw
@fuku_s12 いい勉強になれば幸いですw
@hardistymark print shop, I think!
@LordRoss close! it's the can-can.
Our Brighton studio got some Heavenstrike units printed out as big standees - how cool is this?!
@ligyrophobic we're looking forward to it!
@fuku_s12 おめてどうございまーす!
@LittleMissEdi no-one's dancing. we should be dancing.
RT @PocketGamer: .@SquareEnix's Heavenstrike Rivals is utterly essential for CCG and strategy fans. Our review: http…
RT @HSR_global: Thanks to you, Heavenstrike Rivals has been downloaded over 100,000 times! Check your accounts for a present as a token of …
@empika don't put them off like that!
RT @holliebuckets: Hey girl! Can I get your number??? #HatofulBoyfriend @Mediatonic
@Doozerpindan you should pitch it to @moa810 - she's the Big Boss of Hatoful!

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MUST.EAT.BIRDS, MONSTERS (PROBABLY) STOLE MY PRINCESS and AMATEUR SURGEON creators, Mediatonic is an independent games developer responsible for digital games!

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