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Fuck me up fuck me up fuck me up fuck me up fuck me up fuck me up fuck me up fuck me up
RT @memeprovider: How Italians use forks https://t.co/8TmOGp3wF9
@ttotsy Fuck me up
Sun square moon.... Why... Though...
I'll just let the silence drift over my mind, would you ease up on me
@jessicawestt @starsmoonandsun Bless up ladies
Fucccckckckck lmao https://t.co/Vqp1B1009j
@starsmoonandsun Moment of silence for my Saturn in Aries in the 7th house....
@ttotsy Thank you for reminding me
Told my mom I had a date w a gal on Friday...she was more surprised that I actually had a date than the fact that it's w/ a chick lmaoo
RT @foblyricbot: You only hold me up like this 'cause you don't know who I really am Sometimes I just want to know what it's like to be you
RT @satansmami: Can guys just start wearing eyeshadow??? Can this be a socially accepted thing pls bc it's honestly so hot https://t.co/rwe…
RT @ActorTrivia: Donnie Darko behind the scenes https://t.co/9HaPtl1Uqg
RT @foxygrandpa62: note to self....watch out for squidward. https://t.co/8ra4zsF1ls
RT @LaurenJauregui: We don't need more wars and destruction. We need to allocate that $700 BILLION coming out of OUR pockets for OUR health…
Everything is propaganda bitch open yr eyes, if you think shit shows up/happens coincidentally yr missin something js
Fuck it guess I'm up smh
@ttotsy https://t.co/CQQHsOFLMi
💀 https://t.co/P5nmyUzS59
I can't believe I forgot how great Portlandia is

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Earl is the music man, Cindy is the artist. Together we're Media Medley!

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