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@ReemHKattan Perhaps this link will be helpful to you:
@Girlstar68106K We have an Office of Patient Experience, you can call & talk to them. MN: 507-284-4988; FL: 904-953-2019; AZ: 480-301-4938
@Sodiq0709Sodiq If you would like to seek help from Mayo Clinic, please call: AZ: 800-446-2279 FL: 904-953-0853 MN: 507-538-3270.
"When you lie on a tanning bed, you could be lying in other people's bacteria and viruses" via @GlamourMagUK
Faced with losing their newborn son, Anna and Oleg searched far and wide for an answer. They found it at Mayo Clinic.
Heidi celebrates 15 years of life after #hearttransplant via @nncnow
7 things your balance says about you via @preventionmag
380 men will die of #TesticularCancer in 2015. Don't be one of them. Check yourself #TCisNoJoke
RT @MayoClinicHS: Can A Vitamin IV Drip Boost Health and Energy? via @YahooHealth
Thank you to our guests & thanks to @sanjkakar for filling in for @DrTomShives! See you next week on #MayoClinicRadio
#Endometrialcancer screening test is in trial phase. Researchers are looking for cells & DNA on tampons to help diagnose. #MayoClinicRadio
#endometrial cancer is the most common cancer in women. 50,000 women in the US will be diagnosed this year.
Gynecologic oncologist Dr. Jamie Bakkum-Gamez & new #endometrialcancer screening test using tampons #MayoClinicRadio
Some risk factors in #tinnitus: #MayoClinicRadio
#Tinnitus is noise in your brain, caused either by damaged auditory hairs, or turbulence in the carotid artery.
15% of the general population has #tinnitus. 70% of hearing impaired have tinnitus. 80-90% of tinnitus patients have some hearing loss.
#Tinnitus is classified as any sound in your head. Can be objective (rare) and others can hear it, or subjective and only you can hear it.
Now, we talk ringing in your ears, known as #tinnitus (TIN-ih-tus), w Mayo Clinic audiologist Dr. Janalene Niichel.
Don't stop a medication without first talking to your care team! And always take the full #prescription even if you feel better. #pharmacy
When starting a new medication, keep an open dialogue with your care team (doc & pharmacist) about any side effects you are feeling.

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