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#Caffeine has its perks but should you be curbing your consumption? How much is too much?
It's #EsophagealCancer Month. Dr. Wallace explains minimally invasive procedure to remove early stage cancer:
@rlhowes Mikel Prieto, MD says "as transplant surgeon I would like to maximize organ donation, but thats for our representatives to decide."
@McCandlish Does not need to be the same. Compatible blood type is important.
Next week! Do you @google the symptoms & then obsess over what it could be? #Cyberchondria is a new condition on the rise! #MayoClinicRadio
@NASCHartInc In general, donation is still possible. It depends on situation. Thanks for asking and being interested in donation!
For more information about Living Organ Donation go to: #MayoClinicRadio
Kidney #Donors go thru an extensive testing process to make sure their kidneys are healthy & their remaining kidney can function on its own.
"Every #donor is an altruistic donor." - Mikel Prieto, M.D. #MayoClinicRadio
Philip Fischer, M.D., became a Good Samaritan #kidney #donor. He donated a kidney without knowing the recipient. #MayoClinicRadio
Do you have a question for our #organdonation experts? Tweet #MayoClinicRadio
If you become an #organdonor, 50 lives can be helped or saved with your donation. #MayoClinicRadio #donor
Sadly, 18 people a day die waiting for the organ they need. #MayoClinicRadio #donor
Every 10 minutes, someone is added to the waiting list for an organ. #MayoClinicRadio #donor
120,000 people are on the #organ waiting list in the US. 2,000 of them are children. #MayoClinicRadio
Good Samaritan kidney #donor Philip Fischer, M.D., is on air to share his story, next on #MayoClinicRadio 9-10amCT
Myth or Matter of Fact: I'm not in the best of health, so I probably can't be a #donor. #MayoClinicRadio
April is Donate Life Month! Today on #MayoClinicRadio, we talk #organ #donation!
RT @Demaerschalk RT @UA_ATP: A story about lifesaving #telemedicine technology at rural #Bisbee, AZ hospital
Register today for #TTHC2014 Symposium, Sustaining Trust in a Technology-Driven Health Care World. Aug. 18-19

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