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5 tips to lower #stress this holiday season from @AmitSoodMD. via @usatoday
Health Headlines 10/22/14 #MayoClinicNewsNetwork
When #breastcancer travels to the #brain: #lasertherapy
RT @HerHeartCare: Flu shots: Even more important if you have heart disease.
Anna Tedone’s first visit to Mayo inspired her to give back. Give today to support #research that matters to you:
Sea salt vs. table salt: What's the difference?
RT @JasonPratt: Photos of #MayoRagan day1 -> (includes: @LeeAase @FarrisTimimi @MaryOConnorMD @RonaldPetrovich @MEH…
RT @FarrisTimimi: #hcsm rules: When doctors & systems align conversations, (common hashtags) engagement is deeper, via @chimoose #mayoragan
Doctors are patients' most-trusted source for online health information. @chimoose #MayoRagan
Hospitals are constantly working to control #infections that claim far more lives than #Ebola. via @khnews
RT @MayoMedEd: Your prescribing skills top notch? Find out w/ #TestYourKnowledgeTuesday on @mayoclinic's CV blog
"Social media takes away the stigma, connects me, introduces me to advocacy, and saves lives." @DanielleisB #MayoRagan
Is it #dementia? Maybe not and it’s worth finding out for better treatment. via @TheNewOldAge
RT @harehr: I love that there are patients here to describe how they use social media. #MayoRagan #hcsm
RT @chrisboyer: Social media helps patients realize they are not alone @born2lbfat #mayoragan #mccsm
RT @SusannahFox: Congrats to @MayoClinic for snagging @ePatientDave as a visiting professor next March! #MayoRagan
In #RochMN, empty wheelchairs are part of the landscape in a city where people come to heal. via @mprnews
RT @JasonPratt: #MayoClinicFL orthopedic surgeon @MaryOConnorMD discusses how she is "using social media to decrease patient anxiety." #May…
RT @chrisboyer: Put simply, social media is a critical part of the evolution of patient education. @MaryOConnorMD #mccsm #mayoragan
RT @sesaz: What's the biggest opportunity in brand journalism? Be the news -- @KarlWOestreich #MayoRagan

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