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Courtney had six major heart surgeries, pacemaker and #stroke by age 12. Now she's looking forward to a normal life.
Healthy #SuperBowlRecipes - Black bean burgers with chipotle ketchup
What is a cone biopsy? #CervicalCancer
$215 million #PrecisionMedicine effort planned to find cures via @business
Super Recipes for #SuperBowl Weekend on the #MayoClinicNewsNetwork!
Thanks for joining us this week! @DrTomShives and @TracyMcCray will be back next week! #MayoClinicRadio
Race plays a role in macular degeneration. Caucasians are much more susceptible to it. #MayoClinicRadio
People suffering from macular degeneration will see wavy lines, blind spots and/or general blurriness. #MayoClinicRadio
There are two kinds of Macular Degeneration, Wet or dry. Dry often becomes wet. #MayoClinicRadio
Macular Degeneration comes along with aging. Genetics play a huge role in this, as well has hypertension. #MayoClinicRadio
Women are more likely to get glaucoma, since it is age related and typically women are living longer. #MayoClinicRadio
Glaucoma can't be prevented, as much of it is believed to be genetics at play. There is research being done. #MayoClinicRadio
Glaucoma is treated with eye drops, either once or several times a day. Then comes laser treatment to decrease pressure. #MayoClinicRadio
African & Mexican Americans should start getting checked for glaucoma at age 40. Caucasians at age 60. #MayoClinicRadio
Glaucoma is asymptomatic and creeps up slowly. It's important to have regular eye exams to check peripheral & eye pressure. #MayoClinicRadio
Mayo Clinic ophthalmologist Dr. Sophie Bakri joins @DrTomShives and @TracyMcCray to discuss #eyehealth!
Glaucoma damages the optic nerve. Most common cause is too much pressure in the eye. Some cases can have normal pressure. #MayoClinicRadio
Both men and women lose hormone production as they age, which can lead to reduced desire. #MayoClinicRadio
Redefine intimacy - emotional, spiritual. Cuddling, holding hands, hugging are all important parts, not just sex. #MayoClinicRadio
Planning intimacy is important. Good sex does not have to be spontaneous! #MayoClinicRadio

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