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We just had our proposal handed over to a competitor lock stock and barrel. They did NO site survey. We did. They got our numbers, our work.
Big high five to #Tenacore for bringing their manufacturing home to America from Asia and encouraging others to do the same.
He meant payroll TAXES. Which is good. If you can afford to make payroll.
I was watching Obama speak about the HIRE bill. I got all excited because I thought he said he would pay payroll for a year for new hires.
RT @IMPOmag: A "funeral" is being held today for IE6. Really, world, let this awful thing die already. Good riddance.
This can't be good! RT @foxnews: BREAKING: Tsunami warning issued in Japan after 7.0 earthquake strikes off coast
#Green #Offgrid We're looking for DIY ways to go off grid. 70 acre ranch with well. 2 homes, 1 shop. We want to find a long-term solution.
@strangineer Tell us more about these solar panels. Our ranch is looking to go 'off grid'.
Before they solve the #healthcare 'crisis' how about fixing the #jobs 'crisis' so we can pay 4 the healthcare and the #taxes it will cause.
RT @MFGcom: (Some) #Manufacturing Operations Return To US: More on 'backshoring.' - It's about time.
Congratulations 2 Margaret Maggard & #bhatibeads . CNBC business special on SI Swimsuit was a huge success! Yay BB x MM
Manufacturing service work is at an all time low. It's been a very long year since Obama took over. We're praying for relief.
Are there any companies out there using #expensify for their employee expense reports? Would like some feedback before we hook up QB's file.
RT @SenSherrodBrown: Jobs. Not more workers stocking shelves @ WalMart w/products made in China - but a real mfg policy to MAKE STUFF here.
RT @BhatiBeads: We're Going To Be On CNBC!! Special Offer! -
How can American Manufacturers help America? Bring it home, baby, bring it home. Ramp up, clean up, and fix up the factories here at home.
2010 and we're launching a new website. Set to launch January 15! Stay tuned.
Business is starting to pick back up again in the midwest. 4 injection machine refurbishments, two repairs. Two laser alignments here in TX.
Looking for plastics manufacturers in high electric rate areas looking to refurb their hydraulic machines to save $$$$$. Up to 60% or more.
American manufacturers who want to get a free listing can go to Buy Direct USA. For products made in the US.

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