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@cancerdocNYC and effective too, a double bonus! Glad that trying experience will be no more
@cancerdocNYC it is indeed - super to see another targeted therapy approved for AML
LOL I had a few of these too... almost need WD40 spray in conference bag 😂
RT @SciImmunology: .@EricVivier1 and @univamu scientists reveal novel collaboration between two #immune pathways helps fight #infection htt…
@WilliamGerber1 Yes
FDA chunking out Onc approvals today - brigatinib approved in ALK+ NSCLC. Ghastly name tho - Alunbrig?
@erohealth stunned might be a better way to characterise it
After Ignyta's cc our latest BSB Mailbag explores issues around ROS1/TRK/ALK inhibitors, how landscape is changing:
RT @deniseabrock: GRACENotes Volume 69, April 28, 2017, don't miss it!
This is awesome, challenging and beautiful...
@DrSarcoma Couldn't agree more on this - Rich Stone and Jim Griffin should be feeling very proud with this development!
Finally! FDA approves midostaurin (Rydapt) in FLT3 AML under 60yo
RT @Calvinn_Hobbes: I suppose if we couldn't laugh at things that don't make sense, we couldn't react to a lot of life. #CalvinAndHobbes
Fascinates me that many of my FB buddies were noisily pro-Trump last year. Now? All bar one have gone remarkably quiet. I wonder why...?
The justices reactions are absolutely priceless here...
RT @NatRevDrugDisc: CAR T cell-based cancer therapies drive into new terrain #immunooncolog…
Done! Looking forward to reading this weekend... Go get it too
@hotplant Good point, although I had a near miss with a pallet machine flying off a lorry!
@TradeTexasBig more like a big bat, ouchie
back from the physical therapist... I swear those folks have a sadistic streak :(

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