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I fill You - and i Will Kill You. 444
Enjoy Insane Satanic Psychos your Last Days on My Planet -
And i have also Something For Them and The Last Things Ever
These Psychopats are Ruthless, Without a Bit of Life, Sense or Feelings in Them, Totally Perverted, Wicked, Foul, Spoiled and Insane.
Thus i will not write absolutely anything here anymore so all people who love must simply wait till the Judgment.
Also they constantly harrass even Klaudia laptop and her work at computer, They abrupt constantly my twitter writings.
Besides They Constantly Manipulate Illegally my TV, Sent me again sms - 7-09, 12-32 and that number 32 was in that newspaper twice
Such Pure Nonsensical Perversion and Wickedness that can be Hardly Commented, really - these psychos must hate me with utmost cruelty.
They could Not Understand Promile from 1 per cent from all of material and life since 2013 and i consider them as Pure Psychopaths.
These People Must Be Completely Insane.
What i could Read today in that Newspaper were the Worst Things i have ever read in my entire life.
I dont know who is exactly behind all of these things or whether these were just Orders from Rotschild.
And crossed X. So Bushy amongst the legs go crossed to the bushy armit and vice versa - i love it very much :-}
And you should see my teasing body style - One Armpit Bushy and One Skinny - And Between Legs One Half Bushy and One Half Skinny :-}
For my great power many will sweeten the words and will want to be friendly with me.
And also that i have a Great power - they will see at my Great Day what Power Shall Be Released - They will be in Awe.
I think that for both women and men i am the exceptional, above all mysteriously interesting and provocative and stimulating person.
same as they know that i am very educated about the human body and the female body and that i am into these things as a pure passion.
They know i am very playful and willing by myself to make them feel great as a real self-directed action not as a forced one.
I think they feel from me that amazing thing that i am not selfish and i would want to make them heavily many times so would lost their mind

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