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Munchen is Very Nice City, Very Well Completing Rome, These Two Cities Together Are Just Awesome Because They Fit Together
These Were 2 Nice and Good Cities i Saw - Others bad
Allianz Arena is on The Edge
In Centre There were Also Wider Streets and Forums were Big, Main Garden as well, Taller Buildings on Outer Layers, Stadium as well
And Munchen is Right Second - Also Nice And Conceptually, Architectonically Very Nicely Made City as well
Without Sense of Ugliness, Imperfection, Ghastly Effect, Claustrophobia, Bad for senses
This is Conceptually and Architectonically Nice and Good City
Level And Not More
Rome was One Bright Example Simply - Wide Streets, Wide Forums, Buildings At Distance, Travertin as Material, Bulidings Only Up to Certain
It is Bad City as Well. Conceptually, Architectonically - All Bad
Squares, Forums - Nothing Exceptional Simply. Bad
Same Like Bratislava - And Even Without Mountains - And With Drastic Smog, Narrow Streets, Numerical Streets, Buildings Close Together
London Another Example - Another Experts
Quite Clearly - Question About What did They learn Anyway
So Demented People Here are Not Backward - Zendrian Apes Par Excellence
And Etruscian Patent Is Old Around 2600-2700 Years
Absolute Negation of Etruscian City - To Pieces
Besides, Many Narrow Streets, Little Squares, Narrow Squares, Buildings Close together, Even Big Ones
If There Were Not Mountains - City Would Sink in Smog
When You Look on City Like Bratislava - Absolute Negation of Etruscian City

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