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Enjoy Your Sunday! — feeling thankful
Just Breathe... — enjoying the day
Roses-Not Just Pretty but Pretty Powerful!
Try a Essential Rose oil massage or facial! Here's the benefits of Rose oil: Hydrating, aids digestion, natural...
I posted a new video to Facebook
Beautiful day at the Home and Garden show in Denver!
Try our Lavender Dip Hand Treatment- Divine!!
Try a Lavender Paraffin Hand dip for just $5.95 with any service! It will moisturize dry, cracked hands and leave...
Try these natural painkillers - Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Massage. Not only does it feel amazing, but these...
Stop Inflammation! Try Cherry juice, sardines, olive oil and get rid of sugary drinks and refined grains. Help Your Joints feel better!
Happy Valentine's Day! You are unique and loved. — celebrating this special day
Start Your Day Strong! Hydrate, Meditate and Create Your Fate~
Come in and get warm!
You are Special! Take care of yourself.
Stop Smoking and reduce your risk of heart/lung disease.
Did you know.... the Rose is the official flower of the U.S.? Try our Massage Rose Facial and Massage-Real Luxury!
Sodium increases your blood pressure, which taxes the heart. Goal is to have no more than 1,500 mg of sodium per...
$155 for 2! VDay Special, includes Champagne and chocolate. Call to book your special day soon-going Fast!
Prenatal Massage helps lower stress levels and high blood pressure, which may reduce the risk of preeclampsia.
Enjoy lycopene-rich foods now and start reaping the skin protective rewards by Spring! Try watermelon, papaya,...

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No two people are the same... So no two massages should be the same either. Get your customized massage at Massage Rose!
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