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Visit to see a fantastic rendition of Downton Abbey in gingerbread made in our kitchens here at the magazine
Learn to make a paper snowflake visit marthastewart on Instagram So easy so beautiful
Oh to have a waist and bust like dolly!!!!
A portrait of me with Richard Christiansen and his beautiful mom from Australia big do with Dolly Parton tonight
And just when you thought it was over veuve clicquot 1970 and dom Perignon 1985
Main course roast New York squab rosemary and juniper
Six more tastings since the last photo
The Reds were quite interesting including Percarlo, Brunello,and vosne romanee
One course today at marea- Turbot cabbage chestnut white truffle
Can you believe that this is the lunch table where we are enjoying nine wines with some of Americas best chefs?
The marthablog at is fun today lots of photos of my holiday dinner last Saturday Enjoy
One of the many extraordinary Valentino couture dresses shown today at the old Whitney
Twitter and apple correcting whoopi's name in my previous tweet to woo pie Something has to be done!!!!
Will be on the view in a few moments ABC 11am ET Rosie and woo pie and Rosie Perez all good friends
Chef Dominique Ansel, creator of the original Cronut, is with me LIVE! Call us NOW 866 675 6675 @SiriusXM 109
Got a question for Dominique Ansel, creator of the Cronut? He's on with me NOW call 866 675 6675 @SiriusXM 109
Tune in 12pm today when I talk to Chef Dominique Ansel, creator of Cronut! Talk to him LIVE 866 675 6675 @SiriusXM 109
Cofounders of SeedlingsGroup, my daughter Alexis, and I are talking child development LIVE @SiriusXM 109 – questions call NOW 866-675-6675
Want to talk to Alexis ?? Call Martha on Sirius xm 109 8666756675 how to raise children with seedlings group
Tune in 12pmET @ SiriusXM 109 when I talk about raising children with SeedlingsGroup cofounders & my daughter Alexis. Call us 866 675 6675.

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