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Hair expert Alex Budai shares tips on how to keep ur hair looking amazing during humid summer days @SiriusXM 109 NOW call w/ Qs 866 675-6675
I'm talking to well known vet Heather Loenser right now LIVE. Call us with your pet questions and concerns! 866 675-6675
Josh and jacob berman talking about visit to tokyo on sirius
I interview my 13yr old friend Josh Berman live @SiriusXM 109 12pmET. Fun convo about Summer vacation thru the eyes of a child 866 675-6675
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My craft experts are @SIRIUSXM 109 call them now! Get insights on my newest craft tools and projects 866 675-6675
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The fight against breast cancer is near and dear to me. Please see my blog today to see how you can support the cause
I will be on @HSN tomorrow showcasing my innovative craft tools, punches and paints! I hope you can tune in 11am and/or 12, 3, 4 or 7pm ET
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Great questions so far! Keep them coming! Call me at 866 675-6675 now! I will be live until 1pmET
Scarlett Johansson-Sarah Jessica Parker-Howard Stern-Katie Couric were at my party this wknd-Ask me Qs abt my time w/ thm now 866 675-6675
I'm talking about the party I hosted at my E Hampton home this wknd for the launch of the special vintage of Dom Perignon! Tune in and call
call me now-I'm live and taking your calls and questions at 866 675-6675! Tune to @SiriusXM 109 and call me now!
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decorator Kevin Sharkey @sharkeyhome & @Susan_Lucci at a special party I hosted at my E Hampton home this past wknd

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