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@JustWannaScream I will send ur posts to our Hdqts.
@JetSettersFlyIn That pic makes me want to go their now! It's fabulous!
@ManfromMosman We appreciate the suggestion! We'll definitely be sharing this with our developers. Thanks!
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Don't forget to tune into on Sunday for Bill Marriott's thoughts on online dating, favorite Presidents, music & more
Add Switzerland to your bucket list. @Autograph welcomes @KamehaZurich & it’s not to be missed
@EnglandRugby and @Disney join forces to create campaign for this year’s galactic-themed Marriott London Sevens
@EnglandRugby strikes @starwars alliance for Marriott London Sevens:
Arne Sorenson talks to @BNN on why he wants to get first-mover advantage into Cuba
RT @WEConnection: Why buy from women? Corporate members @exxonmobil @Merck @pfizer_news @WalmartHub @MarriottIntl @dell tell us…
Scotland + Whiskey tasting? We can't figure out what's better than this deal. #FoodieFriday
Northern Lights Time-Lapse Captured Over 2 Magical Nights in #Alaska #NorthernLights
“It’s just like home, but with a bartender” via @nytimes
Marriott Int'l was named one of the top 10 DC startups of all time! Where was our first international hotel? #TBT
#ICYMI: Marriott flies out travel publication content to social media users via @MobileMktrDaily #Marriott #Mobile
BLOG: Bill Marriott's thoughts on millennials, using Iphones, and how to manage work/life balance
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