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@_grammar_ Thanks for catching that. Ari
Insider travel tips for Thanksgiving @TravelLeisure
@hyderb I apologize for the condition of the room. Please follow us, dm your contact information and confirmation number. Thanks, Ari
@AircraftVideos option to enter in a AAA number. Have you tried to use a different browser? Ari
@AircraftVideos Thank you! I'm not sure why it is asking for the number. I followed the same steps you have and I did not get an
@AircraftVideos We do not ask for your AAA number at the time of booking. We asked to see your number at the time of check in. Ari
12 natural wonders of Australia
@Jayhawk_Linda Thank you for the information. I will share this additional information with the hotel's leadership team. Ari
@Jayhawk_Linda I'm sorry. I will share your findings with the hotel's leadership team for review. Ari
@cami_tweets regarding your billing concerns. I will be glad to help you. Ari
@cami_tweets If you would like you may send me a dm with your contact information, confirmation number and additional details
@Jayhawk_Linda I'm sorry it is not working. Have you spoke to the front desk to help trouble shoot it? Ari
@sttsxm Megan, We're glad to hear you received a better room for ur Birthday. Enjoy & thx for letting us know. Happy Birthday! Jan
@seancarp Hi Sean, I will let the hotel know how pleased you are with Devon. Hi to Callie! Our team send their best. Jan
@mcpolitics Thank you for ur comment. We don't have the answers yet but will share more info as we get it. Jan
@chetanvikram I'm not sure what you mean by " if you are not able to read it cnt help it can I. share ops VP email dm" Please explain. Ari
@chetanvikram Sorry I didn't catch the sarcasm. If your referring to sending us adm twice, I'm sorry I did not get them.
Hello, Twin Cities. The JW Marriott Mall of America is now open
@chetanvikram For your security it would be best if you sent a dm. Ari
@chetanvikram Do you mind sending it again. I am checking my messages and I do not see it. Ari

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