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RT @anointedwives: Don't let negative & toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and evict them.~Marvin Sapp
Do you leave room in your marriage for God? It's all too easy to lock him out. Invite him back in today and everyday.
Have you got date night planned in? Or is it still an idea you need to get round to? If you don't commit to it, nothing will happen!
Men remember you need to climb the palm tree to get to the fruit! Learn how to climb the palm tree in your marriage.
Friendship is key in marriage. How's your friendship doing?
Great tip RT @ThePureBed: When it comes to joy in our lives, we allow our mates to be a resource but Christ remains THE source. #MarriageTip
Fighting for marriage #followfriday
The worlds view of sex is so distorted, often it is too high on a pedstall or it is disrigareded and shut down.
"Being united to Christ by faith is greater source of marital success than perfect sex and double-income prosperity" John Piper
Are smartphone talking over your bed room? Don't let gadets replace face to face communication and intimacy. #fightforyourmarriage
RT @themarriagebed: Husbands: Tears are not always bad, and *most* women don't use them to manipulate. Just hold her. #MarriageTip
Spending time with God is one of the best ways to bless your spouse and family. #Marriage #pray
Humbled again by the goodness and kindness of Jesus - the wonderful counsellor
@MarriageMntnce Thanks. Had no end of issues! Moving to a new host/site shortly!
Hard times happen and the same true of marriage. It does not mean you are failing, but you need to act. Maintain and protect your marriage
Why is marriage important? "Most foundationally, marriage is the doing of God. And ultimately, marriage is the display of God". - John Piper
"There is a connection between what you put into your marriage and what you get out"-Mark Gungor. What are you feeding your marriage?
Ephesians 4v26/27 - a trap the enemy loves us to fall into. Sometimes hardest thing to do is swallow our pride and reach out and say "sorry"
Learn how the early warnings signs in your marriage, and be prepared to act. Passivity and resentment are marriage killers.
Marriage is a shared adventure. Are you treating it as one?

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