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RT @andyplas: I wrote this for @MarketingUK pre-event & it's great to see how @usopen has taken its social efforts up a gear…
RT @petermarkey: Real privilege to feature in New Media piece in the latest @MarketingUK taking about @StephenMiron and @thisisglobal http:…
Generation Selfie: Unfettered narcissists or masters of their own identity?
Charles Dance offers comedy turn in faux-rousing Rugby World Cup 2015 speech
Tinder's 'Generation Swipe' offers a lesson in brutal simplicity for brands, writes @nickykc
EE's marketing director Spencer McHugh on a summer of fibreglass-cow 4G hotspots and techy tea parties
Competition time WIN 12 months subscription to Marketing & other prizes. Visit for details
The golden rules of promotion: 50 years on, why Willy Wonka is still a marketing genius
@ChloeHarvey30 Hi Chloe - apologies, we have changed the headline of the article
@sajarina Hi Sarah - apologies, we have changed the headline of the article
New Tesco boss Dave Lewis pledges supermarket will become "customers' champion"
RT @Petermacdraws: my latest #illustration for @MarketingUK mag all things #british
Marks & Spencer unites food and fashion marketing in 'Only M&S' ads #adventuresin
How you can win the war for talent An @IPA_Updates #ipadapt blog
Burberry puts personalisation at the heart of #MyBurberry campaign
Apple 'investigating' alleged iCloud weakness after celebrity photo leak
Aiming off-target can help brands to hit the spot, writes @helenedw
RT @rachelmrbarnes: As BBC reveals new coding-related programming for kids, @MarketingUK asks: is there a place for brands to help? http://…
One brand, multiple identities - the deliberately schizophrenic brand is coming soon
As curriculum changes come into effect, can brands benefit by filling the coding gap in UK schools?

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