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#SocialSkim: #LoveWins Across Social, Plus More Stories in This Week’s Roundup
"Best Advice: Poke Your Nose Out. No One Is Going to Invite You." by @MarketingProfs on @LinkedIn
How to Make Digital Advertising as Successful as Hot Chocolate at an Ice Rink
RT @ervinandsmith: Take advantage of the holiday weekend - #read: Titles by @paulroetzer @msamywallace @MarketingPro…
The Rules of Successful Effective Influencer Marketing
Take our annual Content Marketing survey! It's YEAR SIX already >
3 Simple Lessons From the Declaration of Independence > awesome from my pal @briansaysbebold
@krusk thanks Kelly!
RT @larrykim: These are useless vanity metrics that need to DIE ― via @MarketingProfs
"Recognition is like viral marketing: a happy accident, not a goal." -- my latest career ideas I (& you?) got wrong:
@LauraMcDean @alxdean @SlideShare hmmm cynical? I'll have to think about that.
Are Wearables a Game-Changer in Market Research?
Consumers' Ideal Cable TV Channel Package
Hunting for Unicorns: Preact's Mike Saldi Talks Hiring on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]
5 Marketing Lessons From Taylor Swift [Guess who has tickets for her this summer! HINT: ME]
Take our annual Content Marketing survey! It's YEAR SIX already >
5 Things I Thought I Knew That Turned Out to Be Totally Wrong #careeradvice (@SlideShare)
@KatieLFetting I'm seeing her in Boston later this month! Cannot. Wait. (PS AND thanks for the piece!)
@site608 It's great, right!
"Wanted in College Graduates: Tolerance for Ambiguity." Awesome post by @jselingo on @LinkedIn

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