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@carmenhill @xolotl @JasonMillerCA lolll
@SFerika I hate to drive, so I get that. (My fun fact is that I own my own bowling shoes.)
@xolotl @JasonMillerCA Mind. Blown.
@SFerika @LinkedInExpert #roadtrip?
@xolotl Or do we all just have a thing for @JasonMillerCA? Or maybe... it's both?
@SFerika @LinkedInExpert Boston is a nice place to celebrate birthdays! #mpb2b
.@WhichBlankAreU lol I got @jasonmillerca for my #crush!
@socinfacademy you bet.
@HereWeAre_wLuci nice to connect here, Luci!
@LindseyKirchoff love it! Thank you. All is well... You?
@KerryGorgone It's like all you ever do is talk to cool people all day... Don't you ever work?! :D Cc @ginidietrich
RT @Schremkopf: What Your Customers Really Think About Marketing Data and Consumer Privacy [Infographic] via @market…
The Buyer's Guide to Marketing Automation:
@djwaldow @marketo <3
RT @habesh: The Top-Rated Marketing Automation Products [TrustRadius data] via @marketingprofs
@UnaiLeniz love it! Thank you.
RT @ActOnSoftware: Want the full scoop on #marketingautomation? Check us out @MarketingProfs' Marketing Technology virtual event on 5/9: ht…
@UnaiLeniz @SlideShareToday I'd love to visit one day. :)
@subes01 Thanks -- I'll check it out.

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