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How the internet has revolutionised word of mouth:
RT @Room_214: Brand affinity is the #1 reason people follow businesses on Twitter. Check out other reasons from #TwitterAcademy…
All Donut users can get 30% off #Penelope, the ultimate telephone answering service for small businesses:
How to choose the right phone number for your business:
LinkedIn bids farewell to 'products and services' New Blog
How to get what you want when negotiating -… Tips for business owners…
How to get free press and media coverage for your business:
Short of cash but want to do some market research? Discover how to do-it-yourself:
How to get free press and media coverage for your business:
5% off @SageUK stationery with our Donut discount code: #payroll #p60
How to get what you want when negotiating… Tips for business owners…
How to drive traffic with fresh and enticing web content New Blog
How to register trade marks for your small business:
Looking to reduce your commercial property costs? @templeps offer a free consultation for all Donut readers:
How I use publicity stunts to promote my online car leasing business – the one and only @LINGsCARS
Get your free guide to #Autoenrolment with @SageUK: #workplacepensions
Why it pays to profile your customers… Advice for small businesses:
Five things to look for in a marketing agency New Blog
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RT @dwd_igital: @MarketingDonut we are now customers of #Penelope services after seeing your offer a few months ago! :)

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