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Improving Your Public Relations (Without a PR Firm) by @robertjmoore via @nytimesbusiness [Yes!]
Taking my cat for a walk… on a leash!! Hehee! "Kitty's world just got bigger!" As it says on the leash…
3 Invisible Elements Your Sales Page Needs to Convert. One is Truly Unique via @copyblogger [So true!]
Social Media Marketing Checklist via @saraharrow [Excellent resource!]
@alisammeredith Hi Alisa, fellow Amazon woman. :) Love that you're 6' tall - same here. (I'm featuring one of your articles in my ezine!)
Improve your marketing w/ Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, & more! #SMSS14
Don’t Waste a Moment via @zenhabits [Agreed!]
The Big List of 189 Words That Convert via @buffer [This is great!]
The Emotional Involvement Behind Social Media Interactions via @thenextweb [Interesting!]
"Life is precious, do not waste it doing anything that your heart does not respect or agree with." -- Leon Brown
6 Ways to Boost Your Business Instagram Account via @newscred [Good tips here!]
No More Facebook Like-Gating: What It Means and Why You Should Care via @jonloomer [One to read!]
The Power of Growing Your Audience for Content Marketing by @annhandley via @toprank [Love!]
@matthewkelly Oooh, thanks, Matthew -- I'll def take a look and respond asap. :)
@socialmouths Anytime, Francisco!! I owe you an email -- coming sooooon. ;)
@navdyInc Truly my pleasure. Is it 2015, yet? hehee :D
@Appszoom Sure thing - y'all ROCK!! Great service. :) cc @LikesGalore @frisbeebv @manitkaslot @CleoExport @AndroWeb2013
@SMExaminer Thanks, Erik! Hi @Animated_Anna - take a look at this #Facebook ads course featuring @DennisYu & moi:
@LizDeLoach Thank you, Liz!
@RescueMe13 Thanks for the RT luv! :) cc @PickTheBrain

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