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Wanted: one side hustle.
Why do the Knicks have to make this sport look so complicated?
@MP_Trey JB hasn't been arrested in months -- that sh*t's also wack.
@jenmarcus @Ginachka68 PS: last I heard, going on maternity meant that you could neglect checking your work emails not your Twitter account.
@jenmarcus @Ginachka68 @franklinramirez @rebeccastern yes! complete with a choreographed dance and duet!
@GrumerBabe @tibach212 @missidilio @jackie_cooper_ Roses are red, Violets are blue, Without all your help, I'd surely cry boo hoo.
There's no customized Snapchat filter for this engagement party so needless to say that has put a damper on the night.
What an adrenaline rush.
Security! Who let this intruder in!
Four (Emergen- C) shots, please! cc: @sylvialam #cheers #health #preventative
Another day in paradise, another Friends re-run worth watching.
@BethGilmore @kavitha when you think about it, who needs 10 nails anyway.
@kavitha @BethGilmore yes, love that transparency! (Also: OUCH)
People should be more honest when captioning vacation pics. Like, look we're having so much fun and something def leaked in my toiletry bag.
Bless the uber driver who asked if he could make a phone call therefore putting no onus on me to make conversation. Yes, you may, kind sir!
@jenmarcus #1 top left
@inajna And a happy anniversary back attcha! YES. Fingers crossed - this spring! #eek
Happy two-year anniversary to my #1 skwad - @franklinramirez and @evons. #skwadstrong
RT @arlinladue: Wrapping up 2016 in the 🌞 with @andymorgen @amanderoffact @Marge
@andymorgen @arlinladue @amanderoffact NYE will be LIT because

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