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I liked a @YouTube video Aliss Cresswell shares prophetic word about your loved ones
I liked a @YouTube video Kat Kerr : May 28, 2015 ( Sermons May 28, 2015)
I liked a @YouTube video from @ode Whitney Houston and Kelly Price: Whitney's last ever performance, Jesus
If you want to be blessed, one way would be support anti-human trafficking by supporting 146Love or Hope for Justice.
I liked a @YouTube video Benjamin Netanyahu speech to congress 2015 - Prime Minister of Israel Address Meeting
trim 1E1FA9C8 420C 44AD A2D0 0EBF520ED053: via @YouTube
I liked a @YouTube video David Harman Partner Ministry Testimony
Merry Christmas 2014: via @YouTube
ECV 00034 Latest: via @YouTube
International Faith Conference - Day 2 | GOD TV via @godtv
Hi - My latest books in the Jesus Reveals His Holy Love series, can be found on SmashWords, as well as my updated e-book "Prayer".
As to the 1st September entry, I here give a little more; Joel 2 Outpouring As to the prophesied Joel 2...
ECV 00033 HeartOfFire: via @YouTube
ECV 00032 ComingJoel2: via @YouTube
Creation Ministries International - Starlight, Time and the New Physics | GOD TV via @godtv
Creation Superconference - Biblical Geology 101 | GOD TV via @godtv
Praise God. As a doctor in the field of Astrophysics, I saw in my study of the sciences in truth, under God, the...
AS to previous entry, below is a copy of a email I sent to some believers concerning what I wrote about in that...

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