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RT @SororitySpeak: The people who light up hearing about your good news as if it were their own are the kind of people you should hold on to
@AdamSchefter Do the math: pay, # years, CPI. Shefty's unstated point is correct: NBA pay, like college tuition, up… https://t.co/LHtkQqtXIA
Remember those things that were cool a few decades ago but now repulse you? Here's an important contrarian angle on… https://t.co/96yOPVPdiz
@kyledad27 @LeBatardShow To whom should he write the check ?
@LeBatardShow BAM , if I've ever read one
@kyledad27 @LeBatardShow Or using a multitude of legitimate work-ethic based methods
Like much of the American electorate ... I just don't know who to believe anymore. ;) https://t.co/kXPKOdW9dT
@JayBilas cuts to the chase on NCAA illogic, again. It's more algebra than rocket science, folks. https://t.co/zyOTT8777m
#1, they're always there at the end https://t.co/hpEmlBzAfW
RT @MattJonesRadio: Huckabee was once Governor of a state...and yet doesn't know AG is not the Personal lawyer of President/Governor. That…
RT @markcstory: After 17-straight losses, Kentucky boys All-Stars finally beat Indiana All-Stars. Major hat tip to Kentucky's Class of 2017…
RT @spartancsi: @cnnbrk I'm now suspect of anyone who orders anything "extra" at any restaurant.
A calm, inspiring visual https://t.co/F9VMyX2aME
Reflection time. https://t.co/qQY70ZYd4X
Touché https://t.co/ivaZUAcE4E
RT @trengriffin: "Envy is a really stupid sin because it’s the only one you could never possibly have any fun at. There’s a lot of pain and…
@trengriffin That's not even needed. Even done DIY style, OTM option buy plays can deliver far worse economics
RT @A_Francisco1: John Wall watching this massacre realizing he really won when he lost 😴 #NBAPlayoffs #Cavs https://t.co/Zikt9eSHsu
When was the last time the NBA Conference Championships were this sad ? Just let the game clock run, HS style
Fired up to watch @JohnWall in a Game 7 tonight ! Never forget he and @boogiecousins started this turnaround that the #BBN still enjoys

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