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Molly Ellick | One Life Photos 2011: via @AddThis
Hair Flower Large Ruffled Pink and Purple DELICIOUS by Malitav via @Etsy
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dealing with an earache :(
wondering who thought 80's fashion should be revisited.
fighting a nasty cold
Just rode my bike around the block. Feel the burn. : )
listing on craigslist
My heat is on. Sad.
Holding my beautiful baby girl.
Looking for a lost movie.
Picked up some beautiful fall material!
Found the pumice powder...dumped out under my bed. How many kids did I want? : )
looking for the pumice powder that apparently my 3-year-old ran off with
eatin' ice cream
Listening to the boys...still talking at 10 p.m. I really don't want to go in there again.
Baking bread mmm...the smell alone makes it worth it. Off to sew!
Catching up after power outage, wondering how packages are lost in transit, what should I make next? Okay so that's 3 thoughts...
Feeling some inspiration again...look out studio here I come!

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