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RT @ftwestminster: We are safer in Westminster than in home seats, say British MPs
@DSORennie We rented one of those in California once. It was a real pleasure.
RT @BethRigby: NEW: statement from Keith Palmer's family. "We love him so much"
RT @helenwarrell: Khalid Masood, Westminster attacker, last convicted over 10 yrs ago. Police say no prior intelligence about intent to mou…
RT @ftwestminster: UK parliament sombre but defiant as MPs get back to work
I'm pretty sure the subs ate them all.
RT @MrHarryCole: PA: Westminster Bridge has reopened less than 24 hours after Wednesday's attack, police on duty in the area have confirmed.
RT @DrRanj: #WeAreNotAfraid
RT @KayBurley: RIP Aysha Frade. She'd been crossing Westminster Bridge to collect her children from school #londonattack…
RT @lanzafab: 30 years in the life of one Chinese square – in pictures
RT @bbclaurak: PM - terror threat will stay at severe, not being raised in response to today's attacks
RT @BethRigby: Lectern going up and PM about to give statement outside No 10 - it'll be live on @SkyNews
@rbrtrmstrng This is the archetype of a Rob Armstrong tweet
RT @ChrisGiles_: Cheery!
RT @MSmithsonPB: The YouGov BREXIT tracker shows the country still totally divided
RT @ChrisGiles_: UK inflation: does it matter for your income, debts and savings? via @FT
Well, now you put it that way...I feel a bit uncomfortable.
@darrendodd Doner wait to try it
RT @JoshuaChaffin: Does a kebab require a particular beer? via @FT
@ravmattu Oh stop! You are too kind! Actually no, tell me more about our dazzling use of semi-colons...

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