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Vintage Magic Geek: #vintagevideo #howtobecomeamastermagician #colleenisinthis #soisbailey
Check out the hilarious @chriswiehl in today's Weekly Recap:
@CardMagicBrad Yes we sure do. Sometimes it gets tossed into the Junk mail folder because it's coming from a company.
@TheRealLisaRay What?! Contact customer service at and they can look up your info. We'll track it down and set it right.
Can you guess who the special guest star will be in today's Weekly Recap?
Love pulling the rug out from under your audience? In this routine you pull three rugs out from under them:
@MysticalMikeQ17 True story.
@Peter_L_Fields Chris has performed in the Inner Circle area as a part of the Cabaret program which no longer exists. :( it was a fun show.
@MysticalMikeQ17 See! Mike knows what's up!
Old school packet effect that ends totally clean and examinable? Yes please.
Oh, hey, there's an active coupon code at Magic Geek right now. Check out the Weekly Recap to learn more:
Chris messes up some magic on the street... or does he? #foresight #magicgeek #streetmagic
@TheRealLisaRay It should already be on its way to you. Thanks for playing and gongrats on the win!
Working on a new Street Demo. Get notified when it happens by subscribing to Magic Geek on YouTube:
Would you actually use this magic trick?
@CardMagicBrad More info on all of our shipping policies can be found here:
@CardMagicBrad It depends on the shipping method that was chosen. Express: 2-4 days. Standard: 2-4 weeks.
These self working card tricks are anything but boring:
@CardMagicBrad sorry, but the drawing has already happened. Get news on the next one by subscribing to our youtube channel and email list.
@langton71 It will be sent to the address provided in your order.

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