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RT @_Nini_Laughs_: @KittenClover of course! I consider you a friend. I genuinely want you to be happy 24/7 💖 thank you for being so amazing…
This is what this account is for. https://t.co/9Ftj9Db5YX
RT @faithtasticness: I can say the exact same about you ! ❤️ so blessed to have you in my life ! https://t.co/Oig7fFNUJR
RT @faithtasticness: @KittenClover that's what friends are for :)) I'm so grateful for you. Thank you for always comforting my anxious days…
RT @faithtasticness: @KittenClover reminder that you are stronger than the storms that come your way. You're fearfully & wonderfully made a…
( from @AbyssofCelin ) https://t.co/hLHki8xlVy
RT @readyjongdae: sandy https://t.co/DGi0URxf4n
RT @__julieeeee: @KittenClover ur my fav
RT @faithtasticness: @KittenClover wow as if my adoration for you couldn't get any bigger. What would I do without you? So thankful for you…
RT @lovinwilljay: honestly tho protect @KittenClover at all costs
RT @lovinwilljay: @KittenClover is a precious small angel i love her so much
RT @KittenClover: If I published a book, would you buy it? o: Or help me spread the news around for it?
RT @KittenClover: @ self - dust doll is a darling and she's thinking of you today. be strong for yourself and for her. you can do this http…
RT @_Nini_Laughs_: @KittenClover 💖 https://t.co/fRjyHozPSa
RT @__julieeeee: @KittenClover fav
RT @Kellystar321: Here's Seabury from Hamilton for @KittenClover <3 Enjoy the cutie. https://t.co/HJ9nwiwp3x
RT @KittenClover: Thank you, my love. :) You are one of the strongest lights in my life right now. https://t.co/B4ru3PuwNd
RT @soincandicent: well I love you too! and it was so amazing thank you again. 💜💜 https://t.co/K7wcWJ4uJz

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