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Its his shoot ....and the humans should never forget that. Self-portrait with Tom cat. Jan 2015
A great day and a great effort from all involved! 8am, December 25th, 2015
Jess Enia, Dec 2015
Extending my pink period... Nov 2015
Nanci, Nov 2015
Hastings 14
I posted a new photo to Facebook
This is my missing ad I have sent 8 messages to still ZERO response...Customer service anyone?
I have sent 7 messages over two days to @backpagecom re my ads not appearing... not one message back yet. Their customer service sucks!
my new hashtag for ghomeshi related tidbits is #kingofpains
I think it could be feeling like summer suddenly........
Saori, 2014
Saori, 2014
motel 2400, room 281, Sunday morning.
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Phil, 54-40, Commodore Ballroom, 2003
Samantha. Pride 2013
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I am THE Vancouver Madam (Hollywood North) to the stars. Sex Work activist, member of FIRST and bon vivant. Come say hi....I wont bite!!!

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