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76.00 USD

This hand-crafted abalone bracelet is a vintage signed piece from Mexico. It is clearly marked "Hecho en Mexico" and "E.C.S", the maker's mark. I have not been able to find markings indicating the silver content. The greenish patina around the gorgeous abalones makes me think it may have a higher copper content than sterling usually has, but it's a mystery. The bracelet measures 7" around and it's 1/2" wide, the clasp works beautifully and the piece is in excellent condition. The abalone stones are of a size and quality that I have personally not seen in a long time. This will be a wonderful addition to an existing collection of Mexican vintage jewelry or a beautiful adornment for your lovely wrist.
.Convo me with any questions.

45.00 USD

This Steampunk or Victorian bracelet started with the vintage brass cuff- it measures about .5" wide. The banding I made it from came with a great black & gold patina so then I used brass rivets to attach a vintage style bow also with a wonderful patina. Truly one of a kind, the cuff measures around 6". With the enhanced antique vibe, this one of a kind piece would be lovely with your best corset. Full STEAM ahead!

You can find me on Facebook to see my latest Steampunk necklaces and other designs. To visit or "like" my shop on Facebook: To see more of my Steampunk jewelry listings visit my shop. I have new listings almost daily, so please check

397.00 USD

This one-of-a-kind steampunk headdress is ready to add the finishing touch to your special day. I have used chandelier banding, a brass laundry tag, clock hands, clock face, and vintage costume jewelry to create a unique steampunk head piece. This piece is bolted together and reinforced with resin at important joins. The top front piece measures 9" x 7" including the brass loop at the center of the forehead area. The circumference of this steampunk crown is 22 1/4". It is NOT adjustable, so please measure your head carefully to avoid disappointment. (The veil is not included--it's just a prop.)
If you have already done the marriage thing, this would make a fabulous New Year's Eve crown!

This item is in stock and can ship within 24 hours of PayPal payment. LAYAWAY AVAILABLE

Find me on Facebook to see my latest Steampunk & Victorian jewelry and other steamy designs. To visit or "like" my shop on Facebook: To see more of my Steampunk jewelry listings visit my shop - Thanks!

37.00 USD

For this steampunk tie clip I have suspended a beautifully engraved safety pinion from an antique watch body from a chain attached to a vintage Swank tie clip. The safety pinion measures about 1" x 2" in diameter and tie bar is 2 1/2" x 1/4". Marked Swank and gold-filled on the back of the tie clip which is probably from the 1940's. Let'em eat steam!

To see more of my tie clips, necklaces, bracelets, rings and pins visit my shop where new items are added almost daily.
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69.00 USD

This steampunk necklace features a favorite insect, the cicada. First I soldered on a bezel and set the gorgeous Carnelian. The cicada is riveted to a hammered copper disk which is wire-wrapped with a baroque copper-tone pearl. The pendant hangs gracefully from a 18" vintage-style link chain with safety clasp. The pendant measures 3" x 1.5" including the pearl. Elegant steampunk style for your best corset or gown.

49.00 USD

When Prof. Erstwhile Entwhistle happened upon the wreckage of the Time Machine he was shocked at what he saw. Yes, the beautiful hand-etched brass ribbing was intact, even Lady Matilda Machination's gorgeous and ingenious control panel was present. Many other inspired and well-crafted items for journeying through space and time survived the crash. What puzzled him most however was the lack of human remains. Not a bone, scrap of cloth, hank of hair was present. A chill went up and down his back as all that he found were these time-traveler goggles. It is with much regret that he has entrusted me to put these up for sale with the proceeds earmarked for the repair of his precious mechanism. Let'em eat steam!

These are standard issue welding goggles that I have modified for your wearing pleasure. At the temples I added gold glitter then I used red rhinestones to add other design elements. There are 2 sets of lenses with these. The clear set is useful for finding your way.The dark lenses are like a regular sunglass lens and add an air of mystery. Changing lenses is quite easy as the blackouter rings around the eyepieces unscrew allowing access to the lens area.
These have side vents on the sides so if you want to wear them to the playa you would need to tape over the vents on the inside or otherwise close them off.

NOTE: This auction is for ONE pair of goggles, the last picture is simply to show what else is available.

69.00 USD

This steampunk ring features a favorite insect, the cicada. First I soldered a sterling bezel on his back into which I set a gorgeous oval Malachite stone with some nice striations. Then it all went through my witches' brew of patinas resulting in the gorgeous display of turquoise, brown and gold highlights that you see here. This patina requires a clear coat to protect it, so I have taken care of that. The ring band easily adjusts from a size 6 up. If you have a smaller finger, convo me or leave a message to seller and I will adjust it smaller for you. I am a trained silversmith and have riveted this piece together for many years of pleasurable adornment. Let'em eat steam!

For more of my necklaces, bracelets, rings and pins visit my shop where new items are added almost daily.

Check out my page on Facebook to view my latest necklaces and other jewelry designs.

84.00 USD

This steampunk necklace is a transmogrification of the little Etsy Octo into the less cuddly Cthulhu! In this version the cthulhu has received a dark patina before being drilled into so that the red bead dangles could flow from his forehead. More bead drops dangle from the tentacles. He has been riveted to a drawer pull segment that has a subtle heart theme. Emerging wings are represented by filigree leaf shapes on either side of the drawer pull. He hangs from a gorgeous 16" cut-crystal and link chain that is closed with a safety clasp. Cthulu centerpiece measures 4" x 3.5". Let'em eat steam!

To see more of my Victorian and Steampunk necklace listings visit my shop where new items are added almost daily.
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74.00 USD

This Victorian necklace started with the medallion with the image and gold trim. I riveted it to a lovely silver-tone filigree and added the daisy "halo". On either side I added drops made with a lovely opalescent agate and faceted Czech glass. The centerpiece measures roughly 3.5" x2.5". It dangles gracefully from a 16" chain made from defunct rosaries which features glass beads and faux pearls. This is a one-of-a-kind item.

450.00 USD

This is a diptych honoring Marilyn Monroe as a modern martyr. It is the second in a series I have been working on for the last 3 years. It is not a wall piece or a wearable but a free-standing hinged diptych, measuring about 7.5" x 5.5". It is made of heavy brass which I have etched, distressed and pierced with my jeweler's saw. On the front I have stamped "Modern Martyr" and also added some distressing. The interior reveals Marilyn in 2 poses: on the left she is in a bikini and there are etchings of different shoes around her. I cut the brass out to fit her outline much like the Russian Icons are shaped around their subjects. Around her figure I have stamped "She was a martyr to her image". On the right she is shown with her skirts flying about and there are hearts etched into the brass. On some of the hearts I have stamped "Marilyn" and "Norma Jean". This is similarly cut out to reveal her image. The images are from vintage paper dolls that I scanned into my computer and printed out on archival paper. They are protected by a plexiglass layer. The back of the diptych is signed and dated. This piece was shown in a regional gallery in a 3 person show.

This item, like all my higher-end pieces is available through a payment plan if desired. 2-3 payments spaced over a 60 day period or whatever we decide upon. Convo me with questions.

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