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RT @RelaxWithDax: The new @jasonbakery in Green Point (next to El Burro) is great. It's spacious & good looking inside. The menu is interes…
I’d rather the juice, ahead of the goose, or the moose. Grape juice, that is. Fermented.
Can’t wait to visit @Chefs_Warehouse in Franschhoek.
There’s a goose loose aboot the hoose!
In ‘season’ now - good luck to everyone.
The Bloomberg Wine and Cheese Index is up 34%. It’s a thing, and measures the prices of posh wine and cheese.…
@bigbigjoe1 @2muchloveliness @AbiDonnelly @Gilles_Edwards Well, you’ll never go wrong at @La_Tete_CT with @Gilles_Edwards at the pass.
RT @bigbigjoe1: @Mackspill @2muchloveliness @AbiDonnelly @Gilles_Edwards I’d be envious, but...
So I just had a Maine Lobster claw, steamed and dipped in brown butter. Died and gone to heaven. @2muchloveliness…
Festive mood at the @OZCFarm @VnAWaterfront today.
@2muchloveliness @KyotoSushiCT @JonathanSzoke Have to catch the Lobster first!
RT @2muchloveliness: @KyotoSushiCT Ya hi, where is my invite? I need this in my life. @JonathanSzoke @Mackspill
RT @KyotoSushiCT: Coming soon to our menu. Maine Lobster. The whole shebang - served three ways.
Plate of scallop, quail egg, sea urchin and eel sushi. @KyotoSushiCT
Grilled Squid in its own ink and lemon juice. @KyotoSushiCT
This year’s @Eat_Out Magazine is great. Well done @AbiDonnelly and team!
RT @Chinchillacpt: Exciting new rooftop café & bar opening Friday, 24th November Trading Hours: 12pm -10pm daily Book now call: +27 21 286…
RT @businessinsider: This machine color sorts tomatoes by itself via @thisisinsider
Well done team @La_Tete_CT @Gilles_Edwards @Steph_Romanes Clive and all the guys in the back. No 1 in our book.
Heels. Camps Bay. #chinchillamoments

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