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MRIX is heading underground for a while...Don't worry too much, I'll be popping up from time to time @Belvedere_Vodka #MR1X
Pictures from the IX launch party in Geneva. Are you jealous yet?
Geneva's rich and beautiful join the party, striking a pose at the OPEN photo studio. Everybody vogue...
DJ Antoine, DJ Radi Tabasco, Danno Hassal and Pierre Keller have joined the party. Masses of flashes and paparazzis.
IX, models, and flirting. Geneva, you sure know how to treat your guests.
SwIXterland I have returned, and we will be partying together again; tonight at Java in Geneva. I am a sucker for the Swiss beauties...
Purple Mag party was crazy fun. Fashion Week and IX were meant for one another, I think it has something to do with all the models...
The babes are emerging for Fashion's Night out, MRIX at your service ladies
@ericsoler You got good taste!
I'm officially extending labor day into labor week, a boys gotta rest
DJ Dani Konig, Mr. Da-Nos and MR1X in one place? With this much cool in once place this night might never end...
Serious babe alert: model Bianca Bauer striking a pose at the OPEN photo studio...I must remember to personally compliment her work later...
This whole party is like one giant catwalk; beautiful party people posing, flirting, and partying with IX in hand
Flaircrack is juggling Belvedere IX Bottles, guess they like theirs shaken & stirred...
-DJ Tom Novy is heating the party with his beats, at least everyone can cool down with some IX
Ladies, get ready to get tagged by yours truly at the OPEN studios. Don't be afraid to flaunt your IX style.
Indochine looks amazing, the energy is incredible and my doodles are everywhere
The whole town is buzzing--I hope Zurich is ready to be IXed at my party tonight at Indochine
SwIXterland, I have arrived
Easing myself into admitting summer is ending with this mix

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