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No, my 11 inches is not a world record breaker. LOL
My drive and determination is much more than most people's, so they don't understand why I do what I do.
My driving to termination is much more than most people so they don't understand why I do what I do.
It's worth it. #trustme
Decide. Commit. Succeed.
The less you give a shit, the happier you'll be.
Faith, family, football, and PE! #Sundays
Great Things Will Happen When You Find The Courage To Be Yourself. #truth
What's your passion? Live it!
Work hard, grind hard, play hard... BOOM!
Happens to the best of us. Random boner. Hope the big guy is ok! Lol
Be open to trying new things. The growth from doing so will change you into a new person!
twitter account for sell . 300k followers skype:eyesol1 +923424622883
Never let your life become stagnant or average. Always surround yourself around people who make you a better...
What's holding you back? Identify it. Conquer it. Achieve your goals!
Loving what you do is half the battle. #motivation
What motivates you to be a better person?
I'm Mike and I have a big dick. #justSaying #Admittingitisthefirststep
Best product placement ever! #ThroatGame #Trojans

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