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Happy Canada Day to our Canadian brothers!
Goals so BIG!
Celebrate success- be it your own or that of others.
While you were all worried about flags and gay marriage this happened....
Friends, if you haven't yet, please like my page! Thank you!
#MondayMotivation even a little bit is more than the person sitting on the couch! #justdoit
Prepare to win to expect to win.
Bad case of the horny's. #thestruggle is real.
The time you have is precious. Spend it on things that matter, things of quality. Family, activities, people that...
What are YOU doing to improve YOU? #justdoit
Sunday- God, grandsons, and GAINS!
No shame. No limits. No fucks given.
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Chasing GAINS! Early morning workout. #GetIt
Who you love is your business. #equality
I'm racist against the human race.
Packing on SIZE is a way of life!
Destined for success!

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