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All about the GAINS!!!!
This Labor Day...put in work to reach your goals!
Happy Labor Day! Put in WORK to get BIG!
If you want something, go after it. You were meant to be great, you are destined for a purpose. Go after it, get it, live it!
In some cases getting bigger may be the wrong move especially if the one we love tells us we are already too big....
You Earn Your Body.
What's your Sunday goals?
Most people don't understand me, but those who do are expanding physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.
Loyalty is everything to me.
It's gameday! Who's your college football team?
The best part of waking up is a morning fuck.
Which one would YOU pick?
Friday Night Lights! Good luck to all of our football players in the Brotherhood!
Ready for the weekend!
Best way to start the weekend is......with a WORKOUT!
If you ask me why I do what I've done, I'll tell you because I wanted to do it and I'll never regret doing anything I ever have done.
Join me on this journey and you'll go places you never imagined!
It's time to take it to the NEXT LEVEL!
Make the most of your opportunities.
The discipline, desire, and dedication is the same for lifting weights and PE. The reward of the results is just...

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If the contrast between what you want and what you've got seems too big, that's no reason to stop wanting it!

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