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RT @feedzai: First #WebSummit in Lisbon a catalyst to Portugal's tech momentum https://t.co/baJy2KcRrJ @VentureBeat @Feedzai https://t.co/…
RT @thomaspower: FYI @iansyer @Jennifer_Arcuri https://t.co/mIIskJqJM2
Marked as to-read: Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus by Douglas Rushkoff https://t.co/FAwbYSIVdU
RT @lifehacker: Newly disclosed AirDroid vulnerabilities are a huge security risk. You should probably disable it now: https://t.co/IMHbIRI…
RT @bhalligan: Digital leadership is the ceo's job https://t.co/cYPwDKz0K6
Marked as to-read: The Master Algorithm by Pedro Domingos https://t.co/N3ou3b3zZ1
““À procura do que já temos”” by @MBUintelligence https://t.co/IwoeBgipFR
“By 2030, will we all be our own boss?” by @wef https://t.co/IvR8cMNYIE
RT @equalman: "The men who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed." ~ Lloyd Jones…
RT @leolaporte: Leo has posted a new audio show: iOS Today 320: Apps to Distract You From Reality. Download it here: https://t.co/tTHJJHos1T
@paddycosgrave I saw you in Popolo!!! Restaurant in Santos, Lisboa. See you around next year!!!
RT @paddycosgrave: 🙏❤️Thank you Lisbon. You are simply amazing. The tech world has fallen in love with you and your city. Till next year #W…
RT @equalman: "When a child learns to walk and falls down 50 times, he never thinks to himself: "Maybe this isn't for me?" #AlwaysGetBackUp…
RT @PsychNews: 30-Hour Game Event Aims to Teach Teens Empathy https://t.co/6G68ZWSG5n
@LinkedInExpert congrats!!! :)
Best city! :) https://t.co/K5LaTtm0B7
Portugal is a worlwide RockStar! Visit US! Lisbon is nowadays the best European Capital. #WebSummit see you next ye… https://t.co/krLHs3Bufn
RT @apdsi: Em tarde de S. Martinho a APDSI desafia-o a "Lutar Contra a Pobreza". A conferência é na próxima 6.ª no ISEG. https://t.co/1ak9o…
RT @antoniocostapm: Grande exibição de como Portugal consegue juntar juventude, tecnologia e empreendedorismo. Para o ano o #WebSummit será…
RT @adrianweckler: Wow, @davemcclure has a MELTDOWN on #WebSummit stage over Donald Trump election https://t.co/aRJmFpYyQA

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Father. Infonomist. Critical thinker on organizational development. Techology and Intellectual Capital analyst. I talk about leadership and human relationships.
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