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RT @CCW_Digital: 5 tips for ensuring #chatbots help - rather than hinder - the customer experience. #ai #cx #custexp https://t.co/4mtYqKnRu2
RT @HooverInst: Cogan: It took a bipartisan effort to create our entitlements problem. It’ll take bipartisanship to solve. https://t.co/8bt…
RT @zeldawilliams: I’m up, showered, fed and dressed before 6am. My dogs are looking at me like I’m nuts. LET’S DO THIS!
Combat “data tyranny”w/#blockchain & take back our data. Me: bit skeptical as toothpaste out of tube so 2 speak. https://t.co/aqZ1HwJqf9
Floating idea that we can take back our data that is worth ~$2k annually. I like the concept but .... #blockchain https://t.co/aqZ1HwJqf9
“The average human being generates ~0.77 GB of data/ day,” Roger Haenni, CEO of Datum. (marketplace platform 4 data powered by #blockchain)
@ClayTravis Lol
RT @rascalflatts: 🤚🤚🤚 https://t.co/XJXVQJVRnt
@nandorvila Reread the quote. He’s saying we’ll keep trying thru diplomatic means until they make 1st aggressive (d… https://t.co/hVOgPrCx9v
‘Beautiful Girls’ Scribe Scott Rosenberg On A Complicated EVERYBODY KNEW. Legacy With Harvey Weinstein – Deadline https://t.co/IEHzsCUcbJ
#blockchains https://t.co/GQoHIP3glz
Data sensitivity, privacy, interoperability issues vs less friction, usability #IoT #virtualassistant #NLU https://t.co/1YeR7AtFw7
130% GAGR for #smartspeakers from 2015 to 2016. Wow. https://t.co/JzrhI8dxwp
RT @LSUfootball: How bout dem Tigers? https://t.co/WgvTfFShYV
.@Adam_Bartley on @AaronRodgers12 sack ... @RealSkipBayless doesn’t think so. Here’s his all caps tweet rant earlie… https://t.co/3p3PG8dQNs
@SethAMandel Predictable in fact.
@zerohedge Is this woman serious? Does she remember who she’s married to? Go be a grandmother already.
@JohnCleese I love it! Disintermediation Twitter brings.
@JacquesDoucet Can you add Miss State loss into that equation? 😜. If not. #2
@rwalkeradvocate Lol

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