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25,434 Friends author Dr. Alwin Lewis is featured on the @DrOz Show. Check out his book, Why Weight Around?
@introvertedwife Can we offer an update to your post? Lulu lets you distribute across all major markets, including Ingram and Amazon.
Well folks, that wraps up our "Ask our Experts" Tweet chat. Great questions today and we hope we provided some insights! #LuluExperts
Well thanks, @JJ9828
@MarkCisper For example, check out our new marketing eBook: or webinar tomorrow: #LuluExperts
Well @MarkCisper, self-promotion is all part of the self-publishing process, but we aim to provide insight when & where we can. #LuluExperts
Hey @MurrayNellis, do you have a question we can answer today? #LuluExperts
@larry_grogan Lulu's new eBook can supply some insight, as well. You can download it here: #LuluExperts
@LeenieLX No problem! #LuluExperts
@larry_grogan Oh wow...just one piece of advice? ALWAYS KEEP WRITING...and rewriting. Never give up & always write your voice. #LuluExperts
@LeenieLX Good question, have you checked out the eBook assistant publishing page? You can find it here: #LuluExperts
@LeenieLX Of course, glad we could help! #LuluExperts
@LeenieLX Depending on the conversion package you purchased, you should have it back in under 2 weeks. #LuluExperts
@LeenieLX So, revising your print book now the revision will take about 6 weeks to replace the previously submitted book. #LuluExperts
@larry_grogan Correct metadata can make your book stand out from the crowd. Check out this blog post: #LuluExperts
@larry_grogan Kindle allows for the same title, but for marketing purposes and search, having a unique title can be beneficial. #LuluExperts
@LeenieLX You can revise now, but it will reset the clock on getting your book into distribution. Is your book print or eBook? #LuluExperts
@larry_grogan Great question. Really it's a judgement call...are a lot of the other books with the same title in your genre? #LuluExperts
#NaNoWriMo authors, don't forget we have a live Tweet chat until 2:30 PM EST under #LuluExperts. Get advice and insight on #Selfpublishing
Hey @desshawna & @Walkdontlookbac, any questions or advice we can provide today? #LuluExperts

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