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Back from Italy and amazed at how much piled up on the desk.
Off to the "countryside" - been told there's not much access to the Net until we return. Pasta here we come!!
Wish I could send the espressos we've been having back to all of you over the Internet. Guess my running list of cafes will have to do
At a Internet cafe in Rome - double espresso is helping me get through 100's of emails.
FYI - going to the airport to Italy for 2 wks. Will restart things when I return.Can't wait for all the great espresso we're going to have!
Found out yesterday I'm headed to Italy for 2 weeks. Will try to tweet from there but in the meantime....too stoked & have to pack!
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Investment guru buys Green Mountain coffee. What does he know that we aren't seeing yet? http://short.to/orcu
Some outrageous NYC laws. Free coffee from tobacco shop is considered illegal http://is.gd/2LmO7
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RT @eyalrosen Intro to guatemalian coffees http://tinyurl.com/ncgp5a
Man donates coffee to troops in Iraq. Here is an idea for local roasters to build loyalty http://is.gd/2LmCq
@ispecialist School starts on Thursday for my son. Do parents go through school starting blues?
Why's today feel like a Monday? Any one else go through this syndrome/
Love and coffee: Two things I could not live without. Jakarta writer waxes about Balinese coffee http://bit.ly/GDDtI
All the employment law issues from 1 The Office episode. Michael's Disco/Espresso Bar http://is.gd/2IMtA
World’s ‘greenest’ coffee roaster set for October launch in UK http://is.gd/2IMg6
Nice video -how to descale an espresso machine. Anyone know the machine he's using? http://is.gd/2ILXs

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