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I dare you to watch this and not start dancing! https://t.co/Gzv7nW0DQq #LovesJustAFeeling
Rules to a great marriage #romance #lifebalance #30yearsandcounting https://t.co/vm8n4QrzcO
Hey all you #EmptyNesters - we need a #midlife commencement ceremony. #GreatIdea https://t.co/lRJMpD5pIp
We have to be thinkers instead of doers. We have to be problem solvers instead or reactors. https://t.co/BoQywFiJTl #reinvention
How I answer the question: Why Write Romance Novels? https://t.co/TUAj8gCkmQ
A little advice for today https://t.co/Z3HeyAYIBn
Cool, #Amazon bought #WholeFoods. Guess I know where the dinner party is this weekend.
Take risks now and do something bold. You won't regret it. ~Elon Musk
When does old age start? Depends on how old you are now. https://t.co/zpoMzDZC73
Learning about ablaut reduplication. Yep, that's a real thing. Just #AWritersLife https://t.co/yxG7XT8Xz8
Be the hardest-working person you can be. That's how you separate yourself from the competition. Steph Curry
Still looking for your passion? Maybe it’s time to stop. https://t.co/uNkWfVgvmE
It’s this feeling of wanting … more … yet the frustration almost overwhelms us with trying to figure out what. https://t.co/A66n0v93SN
Looking for new careers, new lives, success … and maybe even a little romance #Romance #Read4Free #Midlife… https://t.co/EVvQidQwVO
“Create where you belong.” #Truthbomb @DanielleLaPorte #WhatImReading https://t.co/8hzDWn2btP https://t.co/lnnQ3hBjzr
What Some of Our Greatest Writers Are Reading to Stay Sane in the Age of Trump https://t.co/FvvsIPq3WD #WhatToRead
In #AWritersLife, it's always about the characters. Binging and loving #Sense8 at the moment. What are your favs?
Because 40 Somethings, 50 Somethings, and 60 Somethings Love #Romance Too https://t.co/hALB5bJ6yo #Novel #Fiction
Should we trust Colonel Sanders for our #romance? #RomanceNovel https://t.co/BvtzM8hBpu
“Dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.” Carrie Bradshaw https://t.co/DIKCtjhKXU #friendship #romance

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