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Resilience in #Midlife? Maybe it's time to rewrite your story https://t.co/EJ35u0P5IQ #reinvention
3 Powerful Ways To Get Your Creative Mojo Back https://t.co/JWLnoTSYCp
Why do we need #reinvention? Jobs are changing - Creativity is growing. https://t.co/yZuVFWgtFr
What font should you use? #AWritersLife https://t.co/R7eUoYJPVE
#AWritersLife https://t.co/gDUcqfFzGa
You know something's going to be big when it impacts the luxury market. About time! https://t.co/inq4Mkggb3 #vegetarian
“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.” —Leonard Bernstein
What a wonderful world https://t.co/ac9dWHxBtR
Isn't the power of both writing and reading sometimes to enter into the unfamiliar? https://t.co/YGwLiY8lSA #AWritersLife
I dare you to watch this and not start dancing! https://t.co/Gzv7nW0DQq #LovesJustAFeeling
Rules to a great marriage #romance #lifebalance #30yearsandcounting https://t.co/vm8n4QrzcO
Hey all you #EmptyNesters - we need a #midlife commencement ceremony. #GreatIdea https://t.co/lRJMpD5pIp
We have to be thinkers instead of doers. We have to be problem solvers instead or reactors. https://t.co/BoQywFiJTl #reinvention
How I answer the question: Why Write Romance Novels? https://t.co/TUAj8gCkmQ
A little advice for today https://t.co/Z3HeyAYIBn
Cool, #Amazon bought #WholeFoods. Guess I know where the dinner party is this weekend.
Take risks now and do something bold. You won't regret it. ~Elon Musk
When does old age start? Depends on how old you are now. https://t.co/zpoMzDZC73
Learning about ablaut reduplication. Yep, that's a real thing. Just #AWritersLife https://t.co/yxG7XT8Xz8

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