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Retailers Try to Extend Holiday Shopping Season, But Will It Make a Difference? #CRE https://t.co/Ycj5QXPr9h https://t.co/nbBZOuCBWY
Mobile Looms Larger With Holiday Shoppers #CRE https://t.co/hRLhvNbsJD https://t.co/9uzsAojVOS
Brick And Mortar Reality Versus Rhetoric #CRE https://t.co/1pWGHJxqHG https://t.co/kHz06fnkAu
Commercial Real Estate Faces Strong Headwinds #CRE https://t.co/l7SORh5wne https://t.co/x6JSscsq2M
Trouble Brewing in Commercial Real Estate #CRE https://t.co/0GA4LW8beT https://t.co/4W1VSlcsrJ
CoStar Builds – #Thanksgiving Food Drive @SFMFoodBank #CRE https://t.co/Ngx3kciaLP https://t.co/UPABdltvLq
Average #Office Rents Might Keep Rising Until 2018 #CRE https://t.co/KhxHy3V1WF https://t.co/acPLJ34aqC
3 themes #CRE professionals must consider to be ready for 2017 https://t.co/yfUuWUxkiY https://t.co/8sZxzysjoN
Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump Wins US Presidency #CRE https://t.co/dJxlQfumRd https://t.co/jQ1hTojvrM
Commercial Real Estate Plays It Safe #CRE https://t.co/ZuG1yAUSGO https://t.co/bss0V1B916
Market Holds Steady Amid ‘Tumultuous’ Election #CRE https://t.co/t8kJMzexmr https://t.co/BGIktEsDgA
CoStar Group Selects Richmond to Headquarter Research Center for Nation’s Commercial Real Estate #CRE https://t.co/E5HjD2L1RO
No More WeLives Until The Concept 'Is 10 Times Better,' Exec Says #Multifamily #CRE https://t.co/tJcLjnieTN https://t.co/hcpSp5YHSq
4 Reasons The CRE Industry Should Care About Oil Prices – Energy #CRE https://t.co/PpkRYOrmB3 https://t.co/7PxtCWp63W
More Pension Fund Money Flowing to Commercial Real Estate #CRE https://t.co/SqMwmk0gGl https://t.co/OJwVxUsqcZ
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LoopNet’s Email Verification Process #CRE https://t.co/0zquvsQFIv https://t.co/kF3wCqjUqm
The Airbnb Threat: Smaller Than It Seems #CRE https://t.co/FNFrECQwXB https://t.co/nD7hYfYyfG
Office Market Going Strong, But Rent Growth May End in 2018 #CRE https://t.co/AsRRGdMEeS https://t.co/Nb6wsXQUeh
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