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@jeshakeoma almost anything could happen at this point.
@Flutelicious preparing for a big day at the office....
Today we’re heading out to Palm Desert. Motto: “feel the warmth”. We certainly shall.
Wishing Pierre Boulez a very happy 90th birthday today. Looking forward to joining the @BarbicanCentre's Boulez at 90 season on 23 April.
Hollywood Glamour! RT @danjemison: @londonsymphony name up in lights for our concert in balmy Santa Barbara tonight
Santa Barbara I think we've fallen in love with you #stunning
@Maxinekwokadams it was note perfect last night and the concert before that and the concert before that, you don't need rehearsing ;)
We are feeling the effects of LA traffic on @londonsymphony bus 2....#stuckinajam #theshowmustgoon
RT @mtilsonthomas: In Santa Barbara @londonsymphony tour.
En route to Santa Barbara, bye Hollywood!
RT @dpjackson1: Mini road trip via Pacific Coast Highway-lunch here in Santa Barbara before @londonsymphony concert later.#hardlife http://…
@jeshakeoma worried now, but good to have back up!
@jeshakeoma no idea! Not on any schedules that we have that says it is. Never heard from anyone that end.
RT @Flutelicious: Breakfast in Hollywood
@jeshakeoma @Maxinekwokadams next day off is Friday, once we’ve arrived in Costa Mesa from Palm Desert.
@gregbatsleer we'll be keeping him waaaay too busy for that ;-)
RT @BarbicanCentre: Our orchestras unite for a Classical Weekender @londonsymphony @BrittenSinfonia @BBCSO @AAMorchestra @GuildhallSchool h…
@capoinsy61 thanks so much! Phil Cobb is our talisman this tour :)
@henrytheteddy @wigmore_hall good luck Henry. Must be very difficult trying to get semitones with your paws.
@seatedovation she’s great isn’t she? Bringing the Previn Vln Conc with her to London in June.

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Symphony orchestra based in London UK and the world. Tweets by @_jojohnson_ (web), Sara (LSO Live), Gareth (Flute), Jemma (Orch manager). See you on the stage!

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