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Darkness falls across the land, The midnight hour is close at hand RT @ClassicFM Wolfgang's ready for #Halloween:
Our World War I centenary weekend has begun. Next up: Family Day at @lsostlukes tomorrow:
RT @Flutelicious: Flute Enthusiasts! Heard of Eli Hudson? Flute legend, recording artist and served in WW1 Read more here…
@BigDStars187 there are a few yes! So glad you are still enjoying them.
RT @rachleachmusic: Join us for a very special lunchtime concert @lsostlukes today commemorating @londonsymphony players who lost their liv…
@ImSporticus @miconm it's an amazing, frustrating, wonderful, dramatic, bleak, beautiful place to call home and we are v lucky!
@jeremyabyrd oooo dramatic!
Note for those coming to tonight's concert: Mitsuko Uchida will be signing CDs on the stalls foyer after the concert. Hang around!
@millicentnettle sure to be! See you later.
Remembering our colleagues of 100 years ago: @Flutelicious on our wartime research
@Hannahwtglasses was this at one of our concerts? Eek. Hope she was OK.
A big day for Gareth... RT @Flutelicious: Yep. That. #Haitink
Happy birthday Max! RT @Maxinekwokadams: this is for me today... 😉
RT @themusicalbrain: Students! Use code 21114 to get tickets to our @lsostlukes study day this Sunday for just £17. Book while you can: htt…
@IliasMusic don't know about that, sorry! The opera house does all the tickets for the tour. Doesn't look like a lot left...
We're excited to head off to Singapore and Australia soon! We've made an LSO on tour Spotify playlist. Follow us here
@guineverer see you there!
Wonder how far @DenisMatsuev can reach? RT @ClassicFM: How big were Rachmaninov's hands?
@jeshakeoma particularly love the 'production babies' that you get at the end of the animated movies that have taken so long to make!
@jeshakeoma @IliasMusic @Maxinekwokadams sometimes you get the leader and stand out soloists - pianists, drummers, pipers etc.

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Symphony orchestra based in London UK and the world. Tweets by @_jojohnson_ (web), Sara (LSO Live), Gareth (Flute), Jemma (Orch manager). See you on the stage!

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