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Listen to this morning’s #EssentialClassics on @BBCRadio3 to hear Brahms Tragic Overture on LSO Live #bbcproms
Terribly addicted to @Ldn_Sinfonietta’s #clappingmusicapp. Have a go, but be warned, you won’t be able to stop!
@Gotmykindle @BBCSSO @BBCSO you're ahead of the curve!
@Gotmykindle @BBCSSO @BBCSO is it stand on the left in Glasgow then? *makes note for next visit*
@BBCSSO @BBCProms No 13 - best excuse. And also No 3: perhaps not quite so much the response, but really, do stand on the right! Good luck!
@activrightbrain @Lexus @ChesneyHawkes nice to see this again!
RT @LeifOveAndsnes: Check out the Proms 2015 playlist which includes Leif Ove's Beethoven Piano Concerto recordings.
@bbcproms wasn’t it Prom 14?
@DigitalTheatre no matter, they can still watch on digital theatre whenever!
@DigitalTheatre hope not, we’re on holiday! But we will be in Edinburgh on 30 August… ;-)
@ryangriffiths our violins are strictly non-violent ;-)
RT @CrossEyedPiano: BBC Proms 2015: London Symphony Orchestra / Gergiev
RT @TimesMusic: Prom 14: London Symphony Orchestra/Gergiev at Albert Hall, SW7
@Adestra @messagefocus ah great, thanks. So rarely a problem that didn't know there were other places to check!
RT @BBCRadio3: 'Why don't you come on over' to #EssentialClassics for Mahler 4, @bbcproms artists @ValeryGergiev & @londonsymphony https:/…
RT @theartsdesk: ★★★★ #Prokofiev marathon showcases exceptional #pianists: @saquabote #Prom14 #ProkofievPianoConcertos @londonsymphony http…
@Adestra getting a 503 error on Message Focus this morning. Any ideas on length of downtime?
Tune in to @BBCRadio3 #EssentialClassics at 11am to hear Gergiev’s Mahler Symphony No 4 on LSO Live @bbcproms
RT @bachtrack: "Poetry cascaded from Trifonov’s fingers, pearly rivulets of sound": high praise for @LondonSymphony's Prom…

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Symphony orchestra based in London UK and the world. Tweets by @_jojohnson_ (web), Sara (LSO Live), Gareth (Flute), Jemma (Orch manager). See you on the stage!

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