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RT @Maxinekwokadams: Sun 3rd May 6-7pm @BarbicanCentre hall I'm talking about orch auditions as part of @TheStradMag sundays. It's FREE so …
@mark_kelly256 @Maxinekwokadams not to Nottingham recently. Birmingham probably the closest we’ve been recently.
Some happy customers from this afternoon's family concert. Thanks for coming!
@mark_kelly256 @Maxinekwokadams we tour all the time! Where are you?
RT @Maxinekwokadams: Tonight @BarbicanCentre @londonsymphony chamber concert shostakovitch and schubert 730pm
RT @Maxinekwokadams: Happy sunday @londonsymphony @BarbicanCentre family concert 230pm
RT @rachleachmusic: Dogs Don't Do Ballet again today @londonsymphony And there will be a dog on stage!!! (Obviously NOT doing ballet, cos d…
RT @Maxinekwokadams: Who's coming to the @londonsymphony family concert tomorr @BarbicanCentre "dogs don't do ballet"? (Maxine don't do di…
RT @TheStradMag: WIN tickets to see .@NickyBenedetti perform Szymanowski at .@londonsymphony #violin festival at .@BarbicanCentre! http://t…
RT @phyllistweed: Art in exile: music by @CevanneMusic, with @londonsymphony, @SteamFaery, Seta White, Levon Chiligirian, in Khadambi Asala…
@tomcoult not a half bad line up! :)
@OperaCreep thanks for all your tweets last night George, it was lovely to know you enjoyed your evening. See you again soon.
@beckycheung Boulez, you mean! Very different kettles of composer fish ;-) Thanks so much for coming last night.
@bernardlhughes never ceases to get old playing it either. Amazing how every conductor can make it sound so different. Thanks for coming!
@OliviaDaisy13 thanks so much for coming last night.
@hairygit thanks so much for coming last night. Hope your head has stopped spinning now!
RT @phyllistweed: Beautiful workshop by @CevanneMusic with @londonsymphony in Khdambi Asalache House this Sunday. Still time to book http:/…
@dan_kidane @BarbicanCentre @AaronHNahum @lsosoundhub great vibe, great photo!
@NatGorohova thanks for coming, glad you enjoyed it. We have an LSO Live iPad app, if that’s what you’re searching for? In the App Store.
Great to meet our new #lsopanufnik 2015 composers at the first workshop today, such a fantastic group.

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