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@AaronHNahum @Flutelicious there's another book idea for you Gareth!
@jeshakeoma maybe best on email? Will DM
@jeshakeoma @Flutelicious sure does! and it's older than everyone in that room: 25 years. Well, not Gareth of course :-p
Learning the art of playing to a click track with @Flutelicious at today's LSO Woodwind Academy.
King Minos and Theseus do battle in #monsterinthemaze at the @BarbicanCentre last night. More production photos soon!
RT @mbetteridge: Fab sessions today @londonsymphony @lsostlukes with the very talented wind academy players. Budding workshop leaders of th…
RT @ClassicalSource: Review: @LondonSymphony & Simon Rattle #Brahms #Dvorak with Krystian Zimerman
@nevoburrell excellent conductor selfie!
@simonhalsey @JonathanVaugha2 @guildhallschool @SirSimonRattle @laegriffiths @davidlmusic seconded, thanks to all the team.
RT @davidlmusic: Congratulations to the LSO Discovery Choirs!!!! @lsostlukes @londonsymphony @laegriffiths @simonhalsey…
RT @davidlmusic: Looks like it was a MONSTROUS success! @SirSimonRattle @simonhalsey @davidlmusic @londonsymphony @Andraeast…
Great pic of #monsterinthemaze
All conference minutes should look like these #monsterinthemaze
Here we go then: #monsterinthemaze starts off the last concert of our 2014/15 season. Good luck everyone!
@BiancaKloda @simonhalsey Not this performance but @BerlinPhil relayed theirs through Digital Concert Hall; should be available soon.
RT @TaniaNC: Fantastic to see people from 7 to 97, beginners and professionals all coming together. Thanks @londonsymphony #monsterinthemaz…
RT @annie_blackmore: A barn-storming final rehearsal @BarbicanCentre #monsterinthemaze promises well for tonight's show.
@BarbicanCentre groan...
RT @simonhalsey: Rarely done a project where so many people were on tenterhooks hoping to give of their personal best @londonsymphony Dove …
RT @Maxinekwokadams: Rehearsing for tonight! @londonsymphony with @guildhallschool walton 1 with Sir simon rattle!! @BarbicanCentre http://…

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Symphony orchestra based in London UK and the world. Tweets by @_jojohnson_ (web), Sara (LSO Live), Gareth (Flute), Jemma (Orch manager). See you on the stage!

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