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Some exciting stuff is happening at Locofoco - We'll be working with @GoldCald and some of their portfolio companies this summer!
We just released a new version of @Collaborite with tagging, search, and visual editing! Check it out http://collaboriteapp.com/
We're working on a really cool web publishing platform... apply to be a beta user! http://bit.ly/74zsGs
Just launched our brand new site. Check it out => http://bit.ly/jG5Am
SNEAK PEEK: Collaborite will soon have... tagging, publishing, a simple wysiwyg editor, doc search, and a nice performance boost.
@samschoolstuff @cyberdoyle Collaborite tracks changes by comparing two versions of the same doc but you can have unlim. editors & versions
@Social_Quotient Hey thanks for the recommendation last week. We've been SWAMPED with work. We'll def look into Mturk :)
Check out the beta version of our first (free) app called Collaborite http://bit.ly/Ep1w6
We are launching Collaborite, our first app, tonight! Exciting :)
We're launching our new web-based writing app NEXT MONDAY! We'll send out info soon - have you signed up yet at http://locofoco.com ?
We need beta testers for our new collaborative writing app!! Sign up for info at http://locofoco.com
We are about to launch a new (100% free) collaborative writing web app. Sign up for launch info at http://locofoco.com/ about 1 week away
@nahars Thanks so much for the shout out!! We're hoping to start beta testing in mid-June. We'll keep everybody posted. CC: @absolutelytrue
New collaborative writing app will be launched in about 3 weeks (or less). Be sure to sign up for updates at http://locofoco.com
New blog post by @gtmars: Palm Pre webOS - New Sprint Commercial http://blog.locofoco.com/
New twitter-related service launching very soon!
Do you run a small business? What kind of software do you wish you had?
@Gacka launched our blog! See what Locofoco is all about => http://blog.locofoco.com/
There's an entire area for twitter-related stories on BizWeek! http://bx.businessweek.com/twitter/
Want to know what we're working on? Sign up for updates and other futures perks: http://locofoco.com

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A small startup that makes simple websites and apps. Be sure to check out the team: @Gacka @gtmars

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