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#TT For supporting our contest yesterday @ClaudiaAnchondo @wdkoller @Outcastotter @MarkinWichita @mexicoguide @GordonPLT @reaperstinky
RT @MaryK0ng A beautiful day in Beantown. @ Financial District, Boston http://t.co/t2EVijMvOS
The last question didn't get a winner. We'll save the answer for Friday & try in the morning, perhaps everyone is out of steam! Night all!
RT @webcamsdemexico Así llegó la tormenta de esta noche a #PlayadelCarmen #QuintanaRoo: http://t.co/EEVksO7LYD
@JoelParker11 Do you have a guess Joel? Was this one too tough to handle LOL?
@aimfox Can you guess Mia! I see that you favorited the Hints? :)
@thelindfields Awesome! We hope we can help you once you decide to visit :)
Last tip for this tough question. What #Locogringo Casa has 30% off till Dec. 2014? Hint: Exclusively Loco / Deals - :)
This one seems like a toughie / So we will give another hint. It's a great DEAL to get 30% off this Casa till Dec. 2014 - Which casa is it?
RT @mexicoinvesting One of the best deals you could find in Tulum. 4 land lots (manzanas) for sale $25 http://t.co/qqR1GblF32
Which one of our #Locogringo #Casas offers 30% Discount Through Dec. 2014? Hint: Exclusively Loco - :)
Our final question of the day friends! For your free #Mexican #Cuisine eBook! :)
RT @EvelynPintado Amazing sunset!! @RivieraMaya @valentinmaya #paradisehotel #beach #Mexico #SunsetSunday http://t.co/0khFb7OuRu
@ClaudiaAnchondo @wdkoller Bills just messin' with ya' Claudia! He's a super nice guy LOL :)
@wdkoller @ClaudiaAnchondo You're so funny Bill! You have another chance at 4pm CST my friend. Good Luck!
RT @wdkoller: @LocoGringoCom @ClaudiaAnchondo I wus robbed. Congrats Claudia.
@GTJournal Welcome! Feel free to join us at 4pm CST when we will give away a free eBook to the contestant who can answer our tweet first.
@TAORents Thanks for the RT friend! We hope you'll be around at 4pm today when we give away another Free eBook :)
RT @AsWeTravel Cruise Ships – A Worthwhile Way To Travel? - The first time we... http://t.co/IQwN4PoOKU …
@UnsettledMel Welcome Amy! we hope you'll join us today for our twitter contest at 4pm CST We'll ask a question and the first to answer wins

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