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LoSassins had a blast at Vision & Culture last night (and so did the dogs)! https://t.co/nikPOhU32M
"If a story is moving, no one is going to care that it’s brought to you by a brand." https://t.co/eLXsMDLlTs
How Google Plans to Kill 'Last Click Attribution' https://t.co/GoB98ocXr4
IG update: Instagram just announced two new types of Stories so you can watch forever https://t.co/5himE09cBf
"Benchmark your website's SEO, that way you can measure the impact of your optimizations." -@benlippert https://t.co/oS8nXbuqIY
At LoSasso, before we start an SEO project, we set benchmarks to compare future performance against. https://t.co/oS8nXbuqIY
Stories dilemma: Snapchat vs. Instagram vs. Facebook Stories - Where should you invest your efforts? https://t.co/zxu7fT5m60 #socialmedia
LoSasso the GIF https://t.co/UB9CfVVrvp
New job opening: Fast and Fastidious Production Designer. Apply today! https://t.co/BfRpskrWYy #advertising #marketing #job #career
5 Key Steps to Creating an Instagram Strategy that Converts https://t.co/5Br2AEBNXV
Had a good morning at @BIG_KAISER for their Breakfast & Learn event. It was a great way to kick off Innovation Days. https://t.co/t1ojpvZ1uW
Today is our beloved Marketing Intern, Andrew's last day at LoSasso. He will be missed! https://t.co/P6MORmW1rz
Snapchat launches self-serve ad manager https://t.co/COgE149X8N
Ready for another day at #MarTech! https://t.co/nL138iFdcN
More than 50% of marketers consider modern marketing to be an equal combination of art and science. #MarTech https://t.co/V8v8CDzhMI
There are more than 5,000 marketing technology solutions on the market today! #MarTech https://t.co/fuW7W3k862
We're at #MarTech this week to learn more about various marketing technology solutions and how to use them to enabl… https://t.co/JRsStN5i47
Six things that matter (and don’t) when it comes to ads quality https://t.co/39iTTeC6jE #qualityscore #adwords #ppcchat
Title tags are not dead! https://t.co/tzaQgoClx4 #seo #whiteboardfriday
#MayTheFourthBeWithYou ⭐️ https://t.co/OA49vT3sYe

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