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RT @UniqueDude2: Executioner: any last words? Criminal: Ive been calling u the exeCUTEtioner in my head E:<releasing him> I gotta stop fall…
Love this version #alkalinetrio #pandora http://t.co/NGGyG8oyAJ
RT @OBiiieeee: [finds 11 Mcnuggets in my 10 piece] *The Boys Are Back In Town starts playing*
This story's old but it goes on and on until we disappear
@vice "A Stiff Upper Lip Is Killing British Men" interesting http://t.co/xWMMeYDQW6
Baby owl!! http://t.co/tK2fb1TTuu
RT @OMGFacts: 19 Joyful Moments Being Experienced For The Very First Time ---> http://t.co/7BNmEmcovR http://t.co/bzW8vTxSJF
RT @mashable: ***Flawless. http://t.co/nCW3wTQhvp http://t.co/3B5f2eGkN2
RT @apod: Sprite Lightning in Slow Motion: http://t.co/OP7a5jhi4b
Absolutely beautiful weekend
RT @crunkdumpster: Who has a cashew fetish?! "WE DO!!!" *crowd goes fuckin' nuts*
@Beesthegame what's in my will is a dead giveaway #pun #iThink
If you say pun more than once in five minutes, it loses all meaning #omgfacts
@Beesthegame or at least #wordplay not entirely sure what constitutes a pun these days
“@Beesthegame: The person that invented pistachio ice cream must've been nuts” I was going to just agree and then I realized...PUN!!
I forget how much I love this song sometime http://t.co/oeezETy4Us #pandora
RT @VogueParis: Carefully set #diamonds on an invisible setting: we love the Angel earrings by @MessikaJewelry http://t.co/gHi7zoArkh http:…
RT @wickedtraveller: I'm dressing up as you for Halloween and by Halloween I mean I have moved into your home and replaced you in the eyes …
RT @sad_tree: Named my son "The Beat" and people keep dropping him plz he is too young to be dropped he is my only son
RT @crylenol: trebek is about to own everyone http://t.co/CEgSpCrYHs

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